Nokia World 2010 recap of devices, experience, and our coverage


Well that’s it folks. Nokia World 2010 has come and gone in a flash. Nokia has laid their cards on the table now it’s time to see if they can follow through. The company is going through many changes across the board. Leadership is new, device number sequence names are new, Symbian^3 and MeeGo are new, style and design are new, and finally, the focus is fresh. Hopefully all of these changes put the company in the right direction, especially in the smartphone segment where they have been losing ground.

Nokia announced 3 devices at the big event in London last week. The C6, C7, and mighty E7 – all powered by the new Symbian^3. The Nokia N8 was also a huge focus since it will finally be shipping in a few weeks after being announced many months ago. We got plenty of excellent video and photo coverage of all the devices which we’ll be spending time on in individual hands-on articles in the coming days. For now I will give you a quick rundown of each device and a quick recap of our Nokia World experience.

Nokia E7

This thing is a BEAST! What amazed me most when I first laid eyes on it was the huge and vibrant screen. The E7 features a 4-inch screen with nHD (640360) resolution and Nokia’s new ClearBlack Display technology which helps with outdoor visibility (We’ll cover the ClearBlack Display in earnest in an upcoming article). The keynote speaker at Nokia World mentioned the black is actually blacker than black… and it really does look that way. The form factor is the same as the N97 with a slide-out tilt QWERTY keyboard making it perfect for sending long emails and editing documents. The keyboard felt very good when typing with spread out keys and good tactile feedback. Most people will be happy to see that the spacebar is actually in the middle of the keyboard instead of the right like the N97. The device feels great in hand and not over-sized. Nokia really nailed it with the sleek design and elegant style.

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Plenty more coverage soon to come of the Nokia E7 in the coming days including more photos, videos, and interviews with the product manager.

Nokia C7

I can’t say enough good things about this device. The Nokia C7 is aimed to be a mid-range smartphone, just below the Nokia N8. It features a 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen display, slim 10.5mm thickness, 8GB mass storage with expandable microSD slot, 8-megapixel camera and HD video recording at 720p. Camera specs and module are the same as the E7. The build quality is very strong and the chrome gives it an expensive look. It feels great in hand and should be the perfect device for those who want the N8 but can’t afford it. On the software side of things it runs the same exact version Symbian^3 as the E7 and N8. Under the hood it’s just as powerful and fast as the E7 and N8, something that I am extremely happy to see. The performance of all 3 devices will be exactly the same (FAST) when talking about speed and stability. It is, however, lacking the HDMI-Out port and USB On-The-Go capabilities of the N8 and E7.

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Again, more time on this device will be spent in a dedicated article. The interview with the product manager of this device is very informative and we have more dazzling photos to make your N8 vs. C7 decision even harder than it already is.

Nokia C6

This is the device that I didn’t get a lot of hands-on time with since I was so focused on the other devices. But I can tell you this – it is perfect if you are on a low budget and want a great touch experience.

Description from Nokia Conversations:

Like its big Cseries brother, the latest Nokia C6 (C6-01) is a compact little number that will also sport an 8-megapixel camera though with a more pocket-friendly 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The latter sporting the same Nokia ClearBlack technology as the E7, offering much improved outdoor visibility. Like the C7, this new device will also be a social networker’s dream with live feeds from your favorite social networks available on your home screen. The C6-01 will support microSD up to 32GB and capture HD video in 720p. Users can expect to see up to 17 days standby time and up to 11.5 hours talktime from the C7 battery.

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The Nokia World experience & our coverage of the event


Last weekend I promised you live coverage of the event and, well, that didn’t happen. I chalk it up to a few things including bad internet connections at the Excel Center and lack of a netbook (my laptop was too big to bust out for quick updates). The main thing I blame is our lack of experience and preparation. This is something that we’ll smooth out for future events to bring the best coverage in a timely fashion. Keep in mind this was our first big event so we were rookies at this. I am proud to say that we got some excellent photos and video coverage including a few Q&A sessions with product managers and some walkthroughs of the devices. More photos are soon to come and detailed hands-on articles will be posted over the next few days. I call it delayed coverage instead of lack of coverage.

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My time in London and the experiences Nokia made were amazing. It was great meeting so many faces including teammate SimonLR who helped capture the photos, video, and coverage of Nokia World. The 2-day event was well organized and the experience lounge where we got to play with the devices was near-perfect. The speakers were not boring for the most part and didn’t speak too long. You can tell Nokia wanted everyone to spend more time actually holding the devices and touching them instead of just hearing someone babble about them for hours. The party Nokia threw the night of the first day was absolutely amazing. The entertainment was top notch and the drinks never stopped flowing.

Big thanks to the WomWorld people for the trip and all the great times we had. It was great hanging out with Katie, Donna, Simon, Whatleydude, Lydia, and the rest of the crew. I feel like I made some good friends during the trip and hope to see you guys soon.

I have plenty of pictures of the event and time in London which I’ll cover more in-depth in another article, although some of the party pictures probably won’t make it to the internet ;-).

Keep checking back in the coming days for more post-event coverage of Nokia World 2010. We’ll have hands-on analysis of each device announced and of course the Nokia N8. Get your questions ready!

  • Ricky Cadden

    Don’t feel so bad on your live coverage – I’ve done a handful of events and anyone who tells you live coverage is easy is lying through their teeth – it’s freakin hard as anything – you guys’ll get better every time you do it, so don’t sweat it.

    Hope you invested most of your energy into the live interactions that you got – that’s the best part of Nokia World, getting to meet face-to-face with the Execs and people who are actually *doing* at Nokia – sharing conversations (not just screaming at them) and sharing viewpoints – it’s an awesome experience, and one that I sorely missed this year.

  • Mike Macias

    Thanks for the words Ricky. We did invest most of our time in real interactions with people which I loved. We probably could have spent a few hours finding a good data connection and uploading videos and pics during the day but I’m glad we didn’t waste that kind of time. Maybe in the future we can be a little more organized with our coverage, but honestly everything came at us so fast before we knew it Day 1 was over. Day 2 we did much better, got lots of great video footage which we’re in the process of getting on Youtube.

    Hope to see you next year buddy!

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