Nokia World day 1 photos & quick recap

I just got back from Nokia World – day 1. What a day it was! Turns out the live blogging didn’t work because of bad internet connections and batteries that failed me. It works out better that way anyways since you can watch what went down at I don’t much time to write at the moment, we’re heading out to the big Nokia party right now. I’ll just post up some random pictures from the day so you can get an idea of what we did. Plenty more remains to upload and talk about in the coming days.

Oh… and the Nokia E7 is amazing. Check it out at if you haven’t already.

Check out the photos we captured below…

09142010198 09142010200 09142010204 09142010207 09142010208 09142010209 09142010210 09142010214 09142010216 09142010217 09142010218 09142010221 09142010222 09142010223 09142010224 09142010225 09142010226 09142010227 09142010228 09142010230 09142010231 09142010233 09142010234 09142010235 09142010236 09142010237 09142010238 09142010239 09142010240 09142010243 09142010246 P1000093 P1000095 P1000096 P1000097 P1000098 P1000099 P1000100 P1000101 P1000102

That’s it for now! Check back again soon!

  • Anonymous

    aaaahhhhh my silver n8! gimme gimme!