How to sync Nokia N8 with Google Calendar and Contacts without using Mail for Exchange

I’ve seen Symbian users all over the web looking for a way to sync their Nokia N8 with Google Calendar and Contacts. One way to do it is using the N8’s email application and Mail for Exchange, as Dennis from WAP Review pointed out in a tutorial. While that method works very well for most users, some need the N8’s single Mail for Exchange email profile for another account. If you’re syncing your work email that uses Exchange you won’t be able to sync Google services. It’s a Symbian limitation that really needs to be fixed, but for now we’re left trying to find a workaround. I needed a way to sync my Google Calendar not using Mail for Exchange. Keep reading to see my solution. has the best deals on Nokia N8 accessories. Check them out!

calendar_logoWhen browsing around my N8 today I ended up in the Data Transfer settings found under Connectivity. There you will find Ovi Sync, Sync, and Phone Switch. The setting where you want to be is Sync. Longtime Symbian users might remember this setting and a service called Goosync. On older devices like the Nokia N97 or E71 Goosync worked just fine. But the only drawback was that you couldn’t set up sync schedules. You had to manually sync whenever you remembered. Low and behold I discovered today that you can now setup a sync schedule within the Sync settings under Data Transfer. This makes Goosync an excellent solution. Here’s how to get it setup…

Simple 3 Step Process

  1. Go to and signup for the plan that you want. They have a free, light, and premium plan. The premium plan is 20 EUROS per year and lets you sync multiple calendars, contacts, extended future dates range, and plenty more. The free plan is much more bare bones, only allowing one calendar and no contacts. I used this version when first testing out the service and it worked well with my method.
    When it asks you which phone you have you’ll notice it doesn’t have the Nokia N8. I picked the N97 and haven’t had any problems. If you selected the premium account don’t forget to get the contacts setup on the Goosync website. I don’t sync the Contacts so I won’t comment much further on that topic.
  2. After you picked a plan and have your account created it’s now time to configure the calendar. Goosync provides a setup wizard that will handle all the technical stuff just by sending a text message to your phone. It was flawless for me, all I had to setup was my sync schedule which is the next step.
  3. Go to Settings > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Sync. Make sure that it shows the name of the account you created at the top. In my case it says “Goosync”. If not just tap the arrow to the left or right until  have the right profile selected. Tap Options > Edit Sync Profile > Sync Scheduling. Configure to your hearts desire. I chose to sync once a day since I don’t upgrade the calendar very often.

Keep in mind that when you setup multiple calendars in Goosync it doesn’t setup multiple calendars on your phone. It syncs multiple calendars on the Google side of things, but shows under one calendar color/category on the N8. There might be a workaround for this but I’ve yet to find it.

Once you’ve completed your first sync you only have one thing left to do. Go to the Calendar application and hit Options > Manage Calendars. You should now see the Goosync calendar that you created. Here you can edit the calendar and change the name. I left the name at the default setting and changed the color to green so it stands out.

Check out some screenshots of various stages of the setup.


Notice the “sync ongoing” notification in the bottom-left screenshot? That appears every time your scheduled sync is working. I love little details like that!

I hope this solution works for you as good as it works for me. If you think it’s worth it to pay for the premium service you’ll be extremely satisfied with this method. For me, being able to sync multiple calendars is key so I don’t mind the extra cost. Don’t forget! You can use this to sync Google Calendar & Contacts for the Nokia E7, C7, and C6-01 as well.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

  • Jari

    I’ve used freeware program called Swim to schedule my sync with Goosync on my E71.

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  • Nick

    I also used Swim.. even on the N8.. till I discovered the built in synchronisation-tool which functions even better (lets you set different syncing-periode (e.g. during day- or nighttime))..

  • Mike Macias

    Hi Nick. So you use the method I posted or something similar? I didn’t realize Swim works with the N8 too.

  • Mike Macias

    Hi Jari, Swim is a very good application. I used it on my E71 as well. Any plans to get the N8 or E7?

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the article @MikeMacias.. my only concern is that it’s basically going to cost an additional $30 to get a decent Twitter and Google Sync solution on the N8. #Bunk

  • Mike Macias

    Yeah that’s true. You can go with the free solution from Goosync but you’re extremely limited. Your only other solution is MFE right now.

    Have you ever bought Gravity before? Jan will transfer the license for you if you have.

  • Anonymous

    N8 I use secondary to iPhone but I use MS Exchange as the middle-man for them both and already pay for mobileme to synch with contacts and calendars so the above does can not provide a viable solution for me?

  • Jari

    Hi Mike. As soon as the company I’m working on has E7 as a company supported phone I’m gonna get one :-)

  • Mluzbarros

    verry usefull information. I would like if you can help me to configure the Attendees option that Allows you to know who’s coming to that meeting by syncing any confirmed attendees to your device

  • Mike Macias

    It would only be a viable solution if you use the N8 as your main phone. If not, then it’s not worth the money especially since you’re already paying for mobileme.

  • Mike Macias

    Is that built-into the N8’s calendar? I haven’t seen anything like that. I heard it might be coming though.

  • Mluzbarros

    this function appear on when you paid for a premium service, but it doesn’t work. Please if you know how I can know who’s coming to that meeting and also how invite other people to a meeting, please let me know. I really appreciated that. Thanks

  • Mike Macias


    I’m not sure if this functionality is present on the Nokia N8. You might want to contact the GooSync people about this. Let me know if you have success in figuring out your problem.

  • MZ

    Funcionó para mí. Espero venga una sincronización mas práctica mas adelante como la del Android

  • ptr

    Wow so this post was written this year? There’s GoogaSync that is dedicated app for syncing Google Calendar with Symbian devices and it supports everything out of the box.

  • Nick

    Hi Mike. The same until I went back to mail for exchange (for calendar) and use a different account for replying my mail (or through Profimail). Hoping that Nokia will fix the sending of mail for exchange in next firmware-update..

  • Matvejm

    Very good article! I managed to sync my Google Calendar very easily. Unfortunately, the Free subscription is rather limited. In case you are interested in this solution, go and check the service vs feature list before you install, especially the “range of dates”-section

  • Mike Macias

    wow I’ve never seen that . Will try it out soon and maybe write a new article.

  • Mike Macias

    good tip. Personally i only need a month in advance but luckily i have the full version.

  • Mauro

    HI Mike, thank you for your suggestion. I made it and it works. Did you find the way to set up multiple calendars also in the N8? I mean to sync the same set up I did in goosync? Another thing, I’ve created a new calendar on the mobile but after sync I don’t see it in the web. Have you got a solution? Thank you so much! Mauro

  • Mike Macias

    Hi Mauro,

    Everything syncs fine for me, including multiple calendars. Did you use the free version or the paid?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using Goosync for a number of years on my N82 and have been very happy with it. Unfortunately, since I migrated to the N8 it’s been nothing but problems. While the automated Syncing that the N8 brought with it is nice, Goosync does not seem to be totally compatible with it. The support folks at Goosync have been helpful, but have not got to the root of the problem. I think it’s related to access to read-only Google calendars – for example I have a read-only weather calendar from weather underground in my Google calender dataset, which clearly changes regularly to reflect changing forecasts. Goosync does not update entries, but rather replicates them on the N8 resulting in multiple weather entries on the phone for each day. Further, changes to read-only calendars force a slow sync to the phone meaning a complete dataset is transferred, rather than simply updates, resulting in MUCH larger data transfers and sync times. I’m now looking at Googasync as an alternative, with the downside it does not combine contact synchronisation too. I may have to use Ovi for that.

  • Beverley Reed

    Thank you, I love it when someone else shares the hassle of finding out how to do something technical.

  • Anonymous

    Free solution could be use OVI calendar. You can subscribe multiple google calendars in your OVI account and sync them using OVI syncronisation in your phone.

    I haven’t tried this method as MfE was enough for my needs, but this is something i considered – and may yet to try as I may need multiple google calendars in future.

  • Mike Macias

    Wait… since when can you subscribe to Google Calendar via Ovi? I don’t remember that feature. How does it work for you?

  • Anonymous

    Ovi Clendar -> Settings:
    Subscribe to a calendar
    It will work with most public calendars. Enter an iCalendar URL sometimes called a calendar address (password protected calendars will not work).

    Help: Find a calendar
    Find holiday, sports calendars and more here:

    Google Calendar users: this works with your calendar’s private ICAL URL. Click here to find it.

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  • Yanivseg

    thank you very much

  • RobFord

    Hi, I just signed up to Goosync just as the Free service was ceased. Timing is everything.
    Apart from the cost ( I was looking forward to the zero cost aspect) the sync works well on my N8 using the N97 as the substitute profile. Thanks Mike for your informative article.

    Well done.

  • Mike Macias

    Hi Rob, glad to be of help. Goosync works very good for a basic service. I have a review coming up of another service I’ve been using on my E7 the past few weeks. Works very good too!

  • Phil

    Any working solutions for N8 running the new Symbian Belle? Without using third party software? Thanks!

  • rishi

    I tried using multiple exchange calendar  with Belle on N8. It is still not working :(