Nimbuzz 3.0 for Symbian brings some big updates and new features

Nimbuzz has always been one of the top applications for Symbian in terms of stability, usablility, and design. Allowing your phone’s theme to color the application makes it feel like a built-in app, even more so than some of Nokia’s own applications they release. If you’re looking for the “all-in-one” solution for your IM needs on a mobile device Nimbuzz is usually the best choice, especially for Nokia users.  You can connect to all the major IM protocals including Facebook, AIM, Windows Live,  and Myspace. Need a Twitter app? Nimbuzz has you covered.

Nimbuzz 3.0 was just released and brings a lot of updates and a few new features. This new version was announced at their official blog last week outlining the details. Here are some of the key changes…

  • Customizable tabs: select which tabs you want to see and in what order.
  • NimbuzzOut call rates are displayed in real time below the number before placing the call.
  • Recent calls tab: see all your received, missed and outgoing calls.
  • 2 new chat styles: with avatars and without.
  • 3 options to view the Contact List.
  • Sort contacts by status.
  • My info tab: gives you quick access to your profile, NimbuzzOut credits, accounts,  suggested friends and friend invites.
  • Facebook Connect: removes the 400 contacts limit and connectivity issues.
  • One feature I rarely take advantage of is NimbuzzOut. It allows you to make calls through the app to any number – all done over your data connection. I hardly ever need it and when I do I’m scared of not knowing how much I’ll be charged to call a landline. With the new feature in the 2nd bullet I can now see the rates of the number I’m calling before placing the call. I won’t hesitate to use NimbuzzOut now that I know how much I’ll be charged.

    Another awesome feature is in the chat dialog. When someone sends you a picture over chat it is displayed in the chat window without having to open it (unless you want to of course).

    Want to use the Facebook Connect features? They are plentiful. Check out these updates…

  • Eliminates disconnect errors
  • Removes the 400 contacts limit
  • View the status message of your Facebook friends
  • Not anything breathtaking but it’s good to see the updates coming.

    Finally, take a look at this video overview of Nimbuzz 3.0 put together by the Nimbuzz team to see the application in action…


    Nimbuzz 3.0 has not yet hit the Ovi Store but you can download it from this link. It’s available now for just about all Symbian smartphones all the way back to the Nokia N73. Oh and be sure to check out our must-have N8 apps list in our Symbian Forums.

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    • Edmond J Dantes

      Nice color on the N8.

    • Anonymous

      It’s too bad Skype keeps kicking third party developers off their network… There is not a single app that lets me use Skype on my N8 at the moment. Not even Skype has their official one working. Terrible.

    • Andi

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks a lot for the article and for the feedback.

      Out of curiosity what is you primary phone?


    • Mike Macias

      which? the silver in the pictures or the green in the video? I like the silver much better.

    • Mike Macias

      It really is a bummer. I almost wrote that we can use Skype chat in Nimbuzz until I remembered they took it out.

      What happens when you try to use their official app?

    • Mike Macias

      Hi Andi,

      Thanks for checking out our site!

      Right now I’m using the Nokia E5 as my main phone and next week should be the N8 if all goes right.

      How about you?

    • Edmond J Dantes

      The green in the video. :)

    • Edmond J Dantes

      Tell me about it. I was stuck without Skype on my Vibrant for almost 2-3months. Nimbuzz would never connect to Skype and there wasnt an official Skype app for Android unless you were on Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      Well, going to for the official app on the N8’s browser causes the site to say “your phone is not supported. Switch to one of Verizon’s new smartphones!” or something like that.

      It’s possible to install the S60v5 client, I believe, but there isn’t any way to navigate it. In fact, from what I’ve read, even the 5800 STILL has problems. Some people are using the C6 client on their N8, but again, navigation problems since the N8 doesn’t have much hardware input.

    • Anonymous


    • Mike Macias

      i gotta tell you man, the silver N8 is really starting to grow on me. at this point I don’t care if I get the silver or black N8. Either will work for me.

    • Edmond J Dantes

      or lets not forget, lime green!

    • Anonymous

      Silver is awesome… I’ve been catching a lot of looks here in LA. Silver phones are somewhat rare these days :)

    • Mike Macias

      where are you in LA?

      And are you an active Twitter user?

    • Anonymous

      I’m about 20 minutes north of Downtown, in a tiny little suburb called La Canada.

      Don’t really use Twitter. Never really found a purpose for it.

    • Mike Macias

      I know where that is. I live in Anaheim.

      You’re missing out on some really good mobile talk that me and some excellent mobile fanatics are having all day – everyday. Really distracting actually lol.

    • Anonymous

      Anaheim… Damn I wanna go to Disneyland now :(I’ll check out Twitter but I don’t promise results lol… I barely use Facebook as it is.

      On a side note, I got a refund on my Skype credit so I can use that money for other VOIP services… more cheap calls to Korea!

    • Mehmetmonla82

      Thank you for the information,I have N 8 and ready to update it