Nokia E7 initial hands-on; makes an appearance at CES after all

Announced at Nokia World 2010 in September the Nokia E7 has been one the most talked about devices along with the Nokia N8. Nokia didn’t have much of a presence at CES 2011 this year, but we still managed to get our hands on the Nokia E7.

The device shares similar design traits with the N8, the major difference being the 8MP camera and physical keyboard. There are other subtle differences like the volume switch design.
The feeling of aluminum is refreshing in an industry dominated with plastic handsets. The handset feels sturdy in hand with the right amount of weight. Although having the same resolution as the N8 the 4” display looks amazing. The hinge design is firm, requiring two thumbs to pop open the screen and reveal the keyboard. The keyboard feels good with plenty of tactile feedback.

Now the big question is when is this device coming out?

While an official release date isn’t available, a Nokia E7 preorder page is up on Amazon’s website.