Mobile World Congress Day 2 Round Up: LG

In January at CES LG was one of the first to introduce a dual-core mobile phone to the world. The Optimus 2x had an amazing feature set that seemed to be the best of what LG had to offer. Almost a month later, LG is at it again introducing the worlds first 3D mobile device that shoots 3D content. So how does the Optimus 3D perform all these tasks? With something called the “tri-dual” configuration which combines dual-core, dual-channel, and dual-memory. By doing this they are able to provide a substantial difference in processing power compared to standard dual-core mobile processor. The handset will shoot in full 1080p (2D) and 720p (3D) using its 5MP camera, and naturally playback in 3D on the 4.3″ display. Expect the Optimus 3D in early Q2 / 2011.

LG also unveiled another worlds first by introducing an 8.9″ tablet that has a 3D camera. The Android 3.0 tablet is unique due to its form factor squeezing right in between 7″ and 10″ market. Powered by the Tegra2 processor, the Optimus Pad will ship at the end of Q1 / 2011.

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  • Mike Macias

    Wow it looks like LG is trying hard to get back in the game. Shooting in 1080p is going to be awesome and I have to look into this 3D stuff. Will it be a gimmick or catch on?

  • Edmond J Dantes

    ya the 1080p feature is nice. Its also available on the Optimus2x. I was surprised when they told me that at CES.