Review: T-Mobile LG G2X physical impressions and video

In January we had some face time with the Optimus2X the world’s first dual-core mobile device. Fast forward to April and we are seeing release of that device on T-Mobile as the G2X. Essentially the same device but instead of LG’s custom UI , the G2X comes as a “with Google” device and has a plain build of Android 2.2. So what does this device feel like on a daily basis? Lets find out.

Quick LG G2X hands-on video

Watch this quick video to get a look at the device at all angles in the hand.

LG G2X hands-on description

Upon first look the LG G2x looks exactly like any other touchscreen device, minimalistic front design where a majority of the real estate is occupied by a large 4″ display and four touch sensitive Android buttons (menu, home, back, search). But upon closer look you begin to appreciate the details of the minimalistic beauty of the G2x.¬†The front display is a masterpiece of technology producing great color, sharp detail with a resolution of 480◊800, and has near perfect viewing angles. While not as bright compared to an Super AMOLED display, the IPS LCD provides a more natural look that is warm, provides depth and is easy on the eyes. As far as touch sensitivity goes the LCD tends to react well and sometimes rather poorly. I wont go as far to say that it spoils the experience but I will acknowledge that its not great and sometimes can feel a bit “sticky”.

Surrounding the display is a gloss black border which on the top part houses the ear piece with a mesh design surrounded by a depressed bezel which accents it beautifully. On each side of the ear piece we have a proximity and ambient light sensor, as well as the 1.3MP front facing camera. On the bottom area are the standard Android touch sensitive buttons (menu, home, back, and search). While the menu button does look fancy on the G2x I assure you it still functions in the same manner. As we move to the outer edges of the device its easy to overlook the curved edges of the display. While insignificant to the performance of the device it adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of the device.

Going from a glossy to matte surface the mid bezel/layer houses a majority of the critical daily use buttons. On the top we have the power/lock button, 3.5mm headphone jack, and mini HDMI port. The right side has volume rockers while the bottom has a dual speaker grill (one being a speaker the other the mic), and the microUSB port for data sync and charging. Moving to the back which is one single piece of plastic has a nice soft feel which provides excellent grip and resistance to prevent slipping. We also encounter another change in the color scheme as it goes from gunmetal grey to a dark plum/brownish color. Although that may sound horrid in description it looks refined when paired with the rest of the features of the G2x. To contrast from the plum/brownish color the back cover also has a silver band which provides a great accent due to its brushed metal look.
While not completely flat the 8MP camera with single LED flash creates a bit of a bump in the upper part of the device. Overall, the device is sturdy with a good amount of weight but not uncomfortable to hold or carry around in pocket. In hand I did notice the extra length compared to the Vibrant. Overall design I think could’ve been improved by minimizing the bottom bezel and eliminating the wasted real estate. But otherwise a sleek subtle design that fits well in hand and has a perfect weight.

  • Simon Yu

    Swap the description of the Vibrant and G2x comparison cause the Vibrant is on the left and G2x on the right..

  • Edmond J Dantes

    Done. Thanks :)

  • Jesus Lopez

    The LG G2X is one of the best phone out on the market today,
    especially with the Tegra 2 dual core processor, HD display screen, and HD
    1080p output. This phone will work great with my employee Sling receiver from
    DISH Network. I will be able to steam live and recorded HD TV to my android
    phone wherever I have 3G coverage or WiFi. This phone is definitely worth the
    upgrade, especially since it’s on T-Mobile’s super fast 4G network.

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