Google updates Search app for iOS 3.0 devices

If your iPad or iPhone is running iOS 3.0 and up then you should look for the improved version of the Google Search application. It brings much needed speed improvements along with a few cosmetic changes.

These updates come at the request of many iPhone and iPad users who left feedback for the Google Search team when they launched the re-designed application a few months ago. Check out some more details from this update….

Faster app performance
This version of Google Search app is up to 20% more responsive as you type search queries and interact with it. As part of the speed improvements, a feature called “Just Talk” will now be off by default. Just Talk allowed you to search via voice just by bringing the phone to your ear and speaking rather than tapping the microphone icon. Turning off this feature may improve app performance, though you can easily re-enable it under the Settings > Voice Search menu.

Improved look & feel for search results

When searching on a phone, the small screen sometimes makes it difficult to read small fonts or to tap precisely on a link. To help you read and tap with ease, we’ve made the font of our search results bigger and the entire search result is now a tap target rather than just the link.

Screenshots of Google Search updates for iOS

Download from the App Store or using the QR code below.