Review: A camera tripod for your mobile phone

A decent camera has become a standard feature on most smartphones these days. A cameraphone with less than 5 megapixels is almost un-heard of with most shooting around 8MP. The use of the camera on a phone has exploded with people taking pictures of just about everything and sharing them with friends or family. Some take things to another level and capture some amazing photos that you would believe are taken with a high-end DSLR camera. Some of the photos found in the Mobile Fanatics Flickr Group are absolutely stunning examples of how advanced mobile phone cameras have become. If you are a photography enthusiast with your smartphone then you might want to consider a mobile phone tripod such as the one I’m reviewing here.

Mobile Phone Tripod

I’ve used the Mobile Phone Tripod sold by MobiFun for almost a year it’s showing no signs of wear and tear besides a few nicks and dings. It’s been to a few different locations outside of the house including out on the rocks by the ocean. If you are shooting a landscape such as the sunrise it’s nice to have the phone/camera secured and stable so the photo is as sharp as possible. Any movement of the hand can blur the photo and having a tripod eliminates that problem. Even sitting on unstable rocks the tripod is stable. The legs are strong and can move in different direction from eachother, making weird angles and uneven surfaces possible. The legs have yet to loosen after extensive use. I wish the angle at which the legs can extend was a little wider to make the center of gravity lower, in turn making the tripod even more stable.

The piece that holds the phone pivots on a metal ball that is attached to the leg joint. This ball allows you to pivot the phone to just about any angle that you need to shoot. If you’re brave you can even set it up at the edge of a cliff to look down at the scene below. There is a certain point where the angle is too extreme and the entire until will fall forward because the phone makes it top-heavy. This angle varies from phone to phone.

The clamp that holds the phone vertically is very stiff. It’s not easy to insert the phone in the tripod, especially if the phone is a large size. In this case I’m using the N8 and I need two hands and some finger maneuvering to get it open enough to fit the phone. I could easily slide the phone in from the side but that might damage the buttons and lock slider of the device. Once the phone is secured it won’t easily pop out. I’ve pushed the whole contraption over to test it and the N8 stays in place.

Each phone is different and this tripod does have size limitations. I measured the clip height to max-out at around 1.75 inches. The thickness of your device shouldn’t exceed a quarter of an inch. Most phones nowadays are half the thickness of that anyways so you should be ok. The length can be pretty long since it’s only blocked on one side. The Nokia E7 has a 4inch screen and was able to barely fit. Anything bigger, such as the HTC Evo, will be a problem.

Below is a photo I took with my N8 using the tripod to keep things stable. The tripod was placed on an uneven rock to get this shot and I didn’t have any problems.

Long beach harbor sunrise #n8

Long beach harbor sunrise

I’d recommend this accessory if you are a cameraphone fanatic and have a shaky hand. Not many phones have image stabilization technology so something like this can be useful in some situations.  Let me know if you have any questions about this accessory or need to see another angle.

Mobile Phone Tripod Photos

Check out this gallery of the Mobile Phone Tripod at all angles.

You can purchase the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder at for about 18 Euros/23$/1100 INR or browse for similar products at

  • David Gilson

    I have one of these too, has been great for me

  • Mike Macias

    I forgot to mention that I use the tripod to record videos too. So handy!

  • Ray

    great “just what i needed” post. Is your experience using it for video as effective and easy as using a flip camera, I wonder?