Nokia E6 camera sample photos – an E71 user’s dream

Nokia E6 8 megapixel cameraIf you’ve followed my writings for more than a few years you’d know that I was a huge Nokia E71 fanatic. The E71 to this day is one of the most reliable devices you can get. The battery goes for ages, the keyboard is amazing, and Symbian S60 runs fast and stable. Not to mention it’s built like a rock. But not all is pretty with the E71. This past weekend I used the E71 for the first time in a year and realized how much I miss the device. It wasn’t until I started taking a few photos with it when I remember why I stopped using the E71. The camera sucks. Which leads me to these Nokia E6 photo samples.

The Nokia E6 shares the same body style as the E71 but adds a high resolution capacitive touch screen and an 8 megapixel camera. I know there are still a ton of E71 and E72 users out there who’ve not moved on to a newer phone. The E6 looks to be the device they’ve been waiting for and the photos it can take will be a huge upgrade for them.

Nokia E6 camera sample

Mark Guim found this beautiful photo shot with the Nokia E6 by sepri91_hasan on Flickr.

Mark Guim recently found some photos taken by the E6 and shared his favorites at The Nokia Blog. They are stunning photos and I’d like to show you a few more that I found on Flickr…

Photos taken with the Nokia E6

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Bellagio fountain

Entrance to the Aria hotel, Las Vegas

Manila street.

Not bad, right? The Nokia E6 shares the same camera specs as the Nokia E7 and C7. One of the complaints I have with the E7 is the camera. But that’s because I expected more from a top Eseries devices. Yes, I know the Eseries has never been known for its cameras but the E7 to me is what the N97 should have been. The E6 is a different situation. Its siblings are the Nokia E71, E72, and E5. The E6 conquers all of those devices in terms of camera technology and many other things. I was bummed when I learned the E6 would have EDoF, full focus technology, instead of autofocus but it’s something users will have to live with. I have another article coming up which talks a bit more about EDoF and how you can best optimize the experience. Mobile Fanatics writer Alvin also talked about EDoF and Nokia’s decision to go with it. Great read if you’re interested! Read “Thoughts on EDoF technology in cameraphones”.

Update: View photos taken with the Nokia E6 from our review.

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