Sprint offers free phone and voice minutes to low-income families through Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless, a pre-paid brand of Sprint, offers a free phone and 250 minutes monthly to income-eligible families in the United States. Some states will not be eligible so be sure to double check. Programs like this are crucial to families that have been affected by the current economic woes the world is facing. With down times crime is also up. Cheap phone plans like this might serve to help criminal organizations or street gangs communicate. I’m not sure if this is a government subsidized program or not but I’m curious to know if police have easier access to Assurance Wireless customer phone records than companies that don’t offer free phones and service.

What comes with the Assurance Wireless free plan?

  • 250 voice minutes each month
  • A phone
  • Call waiting
  • Voice mail account
  • Caller ID
  • Access to 911 for emergencies

If you need more minutes or extra services you can purchase them at low flat rates. $5/month gets you 500 total voice minutes or $20/month gets you 1,000 minutes and 1,000 text messages. You can purchase one of these plans each month by using credit, debit, or PayPal to purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards at thousands of stores nation-wide.

You must meet a set of requirements to be eligible for this free service. Click here to learn more about Assurance Wireless.

I hope to see more companies offering plans like this. In modern society it’s vital that children can stay in touch with their parents. Nowadays both parents usually work long hours and single-family homes are becoming more prominent. Sprint describes a few situations below where a plan like this can be useful.

Sprint press release

Keeping Dad Connected on His Day and All Year Long
– A Way for Busy Parents and Children to Stay in Touch without Breaking the Bank

WARREN, N.J. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 07, 2011 – Children everywhere will soon be making every effort to get in touch with their dad’s on Father’s Day. But staying in touch the rest of the year has its challenges, especially for aging parents with grown children who are separated by distance and busy schedules.

Additionally, dads in retirement may have limited financial resources or tools like cell phones that could help them keep in touch. For those going through tough financial times, there is a smart, free way to help grown children and their aging parents stay in touch. Assurance Wireless is a program that offers a free wireless phone plus 250 minutes of national local and long-distance monthly service to eligible customers.

In addition to keeping families connected, Assurance Wireless can help eligible customers stay connected to their children’s schools, relatives, daycare centers, care-givers and neighbors.

“Having a child with a disability, I can honestly say Assurance Wireless has been miraculously helpful in keeping me connected with a team of specialists at three hospitals to coordinate ongoing and critically-needed care for my children,” stated Evan M., 37, an Assurance Wireless customer and single father of two from Maryland. “Assurance Wireless also provides me peace of mind knowing that my daughter and son are only a call away every time they are away from home.”

Visit www.assurancewireless.com to see if you qualify.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/faerylillie Sherry Smith

    If I already have a cell phone how can I get the low income service with out getting another phone?

  • here to help!

    you have to get the new phone.. because its like a tracphone kinda deal..