Fring brings 4-way group video chat to the iPad

The fring application aims to make the iPad experience even more fun by allowing group video chat with up to four people. The great thing about fring is it’s cross-platform, meaning you can make video calls between iOS, Android, and Nokia smartphones. You are not limited to only chatting with other iPad/iPhone users like you are with FaceTime.

fring says,

fring’s iPad Group Video chat enables four friends to simultaneously video chat one another, & see friends across a host of devices including iPhone, Android & Nokia, over any internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G).

With fring on the iPad, users enjoy full-size 9.7-inch LED, glossy widescreen Video chat, with Multi-Touch display and optimized picture quality using fring’s proprietary DVQ™ technology.

Video of fring video chat

Download from the App Store.