Photos: Nokia E6 vs. E72

Earlier today I showed you some photos of the Nokia E6 and the E71 side by side. Now I took some shots of the E6 and the E72 for those of you interested in this comparison photos. Check out how similar these two devices look…

Photos of the Nokia E6 and E72 side-by-side

E6 black, E72 white. Click image for full size.

The Nokia E6 is an upgrade over the E72. Both phones look the same but the E6 has a high-resolution touchscreen, 8MP camera, and better overall specs. Symbian Anna makes an appearance on the E6 bringing new icons, a revamped UI, and homescreen widgets. Stay tuned for our full review of the Nokia E6!


  • Thorsten Roth

    Is it true that the E6 has – contrary to E71 and E72 – not a transflective screen anymore? I enjoyed so much being able to see everything in the sunlight without active display illumination, when people with their hyper-modern Android smartphones couldn’t see a thing anymore :(

  • Mike Macias

    The E6 has a TFT LCD screen. I tested i yesterday in sunlight and it’s very legible. I’ll do some more testing. The technology is a bit different because it’s Capacitive touch. You have to give some and take some in this game.

  • Ankit Goyal651

    tell me about nokia E6 processor, I heared that its performance is very low as compared to nokia’s other phones.