Photos: Nokia E6 vs. Nokia E71

I finally got my hands on the Nokia E6 over the weekend. I’m currently drafting my initial thoughts on the E6 article as we speak, but first I thought I’d show you some photos of the Nokia E6 vs. the E71. There is a huge base of E71 users that still haven’t upgraded their device. It’s been years, but that phone was a rock for me and I’m sure it still is for those devoted Nokia users.

You’ll notice in these photos that the E6 and E71 are almost identical, besides a few differences around the shortcut keys. The E71 has more metal which I was sad to see missing on the E6. Don’t be fooled though, the E6 has hard plastic that should withstand many drops. Take a look and the photos and tell us what you think…

Nokia E6 vs. E71 Photos

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The Nokia E6 features an 8MP camera and the latest version of Symbian, aka Ana. You’ll find the highest pixel density of any smartphone on the market on the Nokia E6. With a high-resolution touchscreen, a physical keyboard, and plenty of power, the E6 serves as a worthy upgrade to older Eseries and Blackberry devices.

Stay tuned for our Nokia E6 review.

  • Born2travel

    I will stickwith E72 the best phone Nokia ever made.

  • Xsever

    Looking forward to your full review to see if it’s worth paying 439 and dumping the E71.

    It sure does not look as thin as the E71 is, but that’s not a big deal.

  • Dave Six

    The metal that wrapped the E71 is still the winning formula. They should’ve done the same for the E6, even doing the bit of plastic at the bottom where the mic was on the E71. Nothing beats metal 😀

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  • Mike Macias

    The best phone… have you used the N95, E71, or N8 for a decent amount of time?

  • Mike Macias

    The E6 is slightly thicker than the E71 but not too much. Really not a deal breaker for me.

  • Mike Macias

    Agreed Dave. I really wish they had used more metal on the E6. It has a chrome border but that isn’t enough.

  • azzo

    Thanks for the photo comparison, it is very good.
    I prefer E71, because it seems to be more precious with its stainless steel shining cover and its modern-looking design. The E6 software should be better than the 2008 concept E71, but the E71’s S60 is still good and works fine.

  • Ola Norseman

    Unfortunately, even though E72 looks better than the E71, it is a inferior phone, thanks to less internal memory.

  • Mike Macias

    The E6 software fine for a business phone. It’s an upgraded and enhanced version of S60. But yes, the E71 has a nicer body than the E6.

  • Aysu Ayvaz

    i am using e71 right now and i am okay with that but camera is not good enough for me. i want to change my device. i am thinking to buy e6. as far as i read the comments the users are happy with the phone. before i buy it i want to be sure about the phone. we all know about the fitting problem of nokia phones. does e6 have problems like that ?

  • Aysu Ayvaz

    i mean does it freeze ? please help me 

  • Mike Macias

    No… the E6 does not have issues that make it freeze up.

  • azzo

    But remember that the E6 camera doesn’t have autofocus instead of E71.

  • Russell Hawker

    The E6 needs to have the @ symbol in the notifications area at the top of the screen when a new email arrives (like in the E71). It is really shocking that this feature is currently missing – especially as the E6 is supposed to be the upgrade route for E71/72 users.

    The notification light in the 5-way button is currently useless because it is far too dim to see except in very dark conditions. The light must be turned up much brighter AND it needs to include the option of notifying when emails arrive.Vibrate is too weak. This needs to be stronger (I believe a firmware update can fix this easily).

    Lots of apps in OVI are not yet updated for the higher pixel density E6 screen compared to the E71, so lots of detail and buttons are far too small to use.
    – Facebook app (based on the former Snaptu app), works fine but everything is tiny.
    – Online maps in ViewRanger (the pre-downloaded OS sheets are fine as they can be enlarged without the text shrinking again).
    – Most weather apps.

    Also, the browser shows web pages adjusted for mobile phones far too small. try looking at the UK Daily Telegraph webpage – it automatically goes into the mobile site and all text is so microscopically small that it is unreadable (the current solution is to use Opera Mini).

    I want the widget that existed in the E71 for email notifications (blank when there is nothing new and then shows up a popup with the latest emails) back.

    I want the function that tells you how long a call was (like E71) straight after the call.

    I want the camera app to be available as a shortcut on the one-touch keys – as this would be the only way to have a physical key for firing up the app. Currently, one needs to find an on-screen icon, which can be a fiddle unless you have the icon on every homescreen.

    A better choice of Themes needs to be pre-installed.