Farewell Nokia E6 – a stunning photo gallery

The Nokia E6 had its shortcomings but overall was a solid device for getting work done. Not to mention the great camera, stable software, and awesome build quality. I had to send the Nokia E6 back to WomWorld/Nokia yesterday so my time with it is over. Is it a device I’d recommend? Absolutely. Especially for people that need a keyboard and a good camera. The screen size was the biggest gripe I had but that’s something that you have to overlook if you want this style device. The fact that you can get some awesome E6 deals on eBay and Amazon for under $379 unlocked makes it a bargain. Especially considering that it’s pentaband and can work all over the world.

Mobile Fanatics writer Alvin Wong has the Nokia E6 right now and has already gave his thoughts after 2 days of use. Keep your eyes peeled on this site for more from Alvin and the E6. Be sure to follow our E6 review tag to see all of our opinions on the E6.

Without further ado, I’ll leave you with beautiful photos of the Nokia E6. Enjoy…


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  • http://twitter.com/alv1nW Alvin Wong

    Wow those are some awesome pics!

  • http://www.themobilefanatics.com Mike Macias

    Thanks Alvin. I’m pretty impressed myself LOL