Video: Leaked Symbian Belle firmware shown running on the Nokia N8

Belle is the codename for the new firmware coming to Nokia devices powered by Symbian^3 like the Nokia N8, E7, E6, X7, and C7. It’s the “big one”, the software update for Symbian that completely revamps the way things work and run. It’s coded with Qt and should make the Symbian experience on par with Android and iOS in terms of smoothness and reliability.

We’ve come across a video on YouTube showing Symbian Belle running on the Nokia N8. Take a look below…

Symbian Belle installed on the Nokia N8

In this video you get a demo of the Symbian Belle web browser, pull-down notifications and connectivity shortcuts, camera UI, widgets, dedicated buttons, and more.

I love the new homescreen setup in Symbian Belle. You can place individual apps anywhere on the screen and widgets as well. The apps and widgets are not stuck to a single size like they are in the current version of Symbian. One touch controls for Bluetooth, radio, Wi-Fi, etc. are available to add to any homescreen. This makes the experience similar to Android and Maemo.

The pull-down notifications screen is also a huge addition to Symbian Belle. Here you have one-touch access to data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Profile. You can see the status of missed events like calls, sms, and emails.

The calendar application has pinch to zoom so you can get a closer look at the dates and weeks.

Jay Montano from My Nokia Blog published a screenshot of the leaked Belle firmware showcasing the homescreen and menu.

Symbian Belle leaked

Symbian Belle screenshot on the Nokia N8

Over at Jay’s article you’ll also find Symbian users who’ve gotten their hands on the leaked firmware. Install at your own risk!

As an avid Nokia N8 user I’m very excited to get this on my device, despite the beautiful Nokia N9 shipping soon. But this leaves one HUGE question…

Where is the Symbian Anna update that was promised for August?

  • Anonymous

    not the end of august yet, but geez we have leaked belle and not even a released anna yet

  • bluechrism

    wishing i had an n8 right now

  • Mike Macias

    Ahh so we’re going to have another “last day of the month” release from Nokia? 

  • Mike Macias

    The N8 is pretty cheap new, should be even cheaper on the used market. No?

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t doubt

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  • Mrvalentas

    Nokia Symbian anna is available through NaviFirm + . Downloaded UK Dark Grey 3 Network. Works perfect.

  • Mike Macias

    We just posted about the #Anna firmware this morning. So your N8 is running fine with it? How are you liking the keyboard?

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