App Review: fMobi – the best Facebook app for the Nokia N8, N900, Symbian smartphones

Facebook for the Nokia E7, N8, C7

It’s been over 8 years since Facebook was introduced to the world and Symbian has been around much longer. But it’s not until this year, 2011, that a complete and fully working Facebook application is available for Nokia smartphones. There have been solutions over the years that came close to a decent user experience, but none matched what you’d find on a iPhone or Android device. Even Nokia’s own Social app was a joke when it first launched, and today it’s not much more improved. Many Symbian users lost hope for a full-fledged Facebook application and moved to other operating systems. Others who didn’t need a perfect experience on their phone got by with Social, Gravity, Kasvopos, or the mobile site.

Today I’m showing you a Facebook application that I’ve been using on my N8 called fMobi. This app is currently the most complete Facebook experience you can get from your Symbian smartphone, and the latest version seals the deal.

fMobi Features

Earlier today fMobi was updated to version 1.4 by the developer Juuso Kosonen. The updates include split screen typing, updated chat UI, photo upload with previews, UI modifications, and a handful of bug fixes.

Here’s a full list of features found in fMobi:

  • News feed
  • Chat
  • Profile
  • User info
  • Messages
  • Check In / Places
  • Sound notifications
  • Top Friends
  • Search
  • Multiple settings
  • Photo Upload
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Commenting / Liking
  • View comments / likes
  • Albums / Photos
  • Notifications
  • Landscape / Portrait
  • Black / White theme

What a nice set of features, right? That’s not the only reason why I love this application. It’s the way things run and look. The icons and UI elements are similar to what we’ve seen with Symbian Belle. fMobi was developed using Qt and runs as fast as any app you’ll find on other platforms.

fMobi Screenshots and Review

Below are some screenshots of the application in action along with a video demo at the end.

When fMobi is first launched you can either be presented with the full menu page or the news feed.

fMobi menu
fMobi Newsfeed

You have plenty of settings to go through as well. You can modify the update interval, sound notification on/off, chat, fullscreen (hide the left sidebar), font size, dark/light theme, and much more.

The photo upload feature in fMobi allows me to pick an album to upload to and send a photo directly from my N8. The split screen text input allows you to see chats and other comments while you’re typing a response.

fMobi brings Facebook chat to the N8
Upload photos to Facebook from your E7

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog posted a video today showcasing a few more features of fMobi 1.4 that I didn’t talk about. Take a look below…

There aren’t many negatives I can think of, but I’ll list a few that immediately come to mind…

  • No homescreen widget
  • No ability to sync Facebook friends with phone contacts
  • Video uploads would be nice
  • Needs ability to administer your Facebook Page (ie:
As you can see I don’t have many gripes. Overall it’s a solid app and highly recommended.

Download fMobi

fMobi is available for Symbian^3 devices including the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, and E6 in the Ovi Store. Symbian S60 5th edition users and N900 users can get fMobi directly from the developer here.

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