Street Fighter 4 coming to an Android handset near you?

It looks like Capcom is ready to bring its largest fighting franchise to Android handsets later this year with the release of Street Fighter 4. This is a huge step forward for gaming franchises on Android, often shunned due to poor security and heavy piracy on the Android platform. But don’t expect to see this on all Android handsets as LG has secured an exclusive with the title for 3 months which will be available via LG’s marketplace, LG World. This title release will coincide with a new handset that will be released by LG with a new HD display that will take full advantage of HD content. LG’s new handset and Street Fighter 4 will be available in Q4 /2011.

Source: KoreaNewsWire

  • Mike Macias

    So after 3 months of LG exclusivity all Android devices will get Street Fighter 4?

    Damn this makes me want to go play some games right now!

  • Edmond J Dantes

    haha well major prob with Android is piracy… iOS has had SF4 for …. i think close to a year now…. this is a huge step forward for games in general. With support of a huge developer like Capcom stepping in who knows what games we’ll see in a year or so from other publishers if they decide to hop on. I mean quad core Android devices by years end…. things are getting serious.