Download Nokia N9 ringtone and notification sounds to use on your smartphone

If you don’t own the Nokia N9 you can at least make your phone sound like one. I recently came upon an official Nokia blog about their branding and an article about their “tune”. The article talks about the Nokia Tune, which originated in 1892. The composition ‘Grand Vals’  was written by Spaniard Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909). Nokia made it their official ringtone in 1994 and since then has been the most recognizable ringtone on any mobile phone. Nokia claims that it’s heard over one billion times a day!

Next week we’ll have our hands on the Nokia N9 here at The Mobile Fanatics so get ready for the big review!

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Enough of the fun facts. Let’s get down to the good stuff.
Nokia N9 incoming call ringtone

Nokia N9 ringtone and sounds

Within the article mentioned above Nokia gives away the MP3 files used on the Nokia N9. Here they are:

Nokia Tune

Message alert

Email alert

Calendar alert

Wake-up tune

Alarm clock 

They are similar to the sounds found on the Nokia N8 but not exactly the same. It’s actually nice to change-up the sounds once in a while.

Visit the Nokia Brand Book blog if you haven’t already.

Do you set the default Nokia sounds on your device? Personally I still use the default Nokia ringtone.

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  • gil

    Thanks Mike!

  • Mike Macias

    No problem! Which device are you using these tunes on?

  • gil

    The N8, I also loaded them onto my E71 which i still use from time to time. The tunes sound nice. Thanks.

  • gil

    BTW, I’m looking forward to your review of the N9, man I wish Nokia would release it here in the states! From what I’ve seen of that phone, it looks pretty awesome.

  • Alrlop


  • Fahmi Bassem

    I can’t play these on my device (w8.1 pc)