Photos: Nokia N9 vs. Nokia N8

One of the great debates among Nokia fanatics right now is how the N9 stacks up against the N8. I have an article coming up about this topic but for now I’ll break things down in some photos of the hardware. When I first held the N8 in my hands a year ago I thought it was beautiful. But wow, the N9 takes things to a whole new level. Just seeing this thing in pictures is not enough. You have to hold it and touch it to understand the design. With the Nokia N9 finally on sale and the N8 prices dropping fast, this debate is only growing stronger. Before I ramble on further, I’ll just leave you with these N9 vs. N8 side-by-side photos as this article was intended.

Nokia N8 vs. N9 Photos

Nokia n9 vs n8 photo

How does the N9 stack up against the N8? Now you know.

Hardly any seams on the Nokia N9

Sadly, the Nokia N9 doesn't have HDMI output capabilities like the N8

The Nokia N9 is more sleek and thinner than the N8.

No phone on the market can challenge the Nokia N8 camera. Especially not the N9

What are your thoughts on the two? Stay tuned for my camera shootout between the N9 and the N8! Be sure to visit our all new Photo Gallery with photos from all of our reviews!

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  • Christian Campbell

    The N9 looks great but would you consider it as a replacement for an N8?

  • Mike Macias

    If you can due without the N8 camera then it’s a great replacement for the N8. But that depends on your needs.