Review: Case-Mate Barely There brushed aluminum case for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Barely There case for Samsung Galaxy S2When it comes to protection nothing is more important than arming your mobile device with something that retains the overall feel of the while providing excellent protection from drops, spills, or everyday wear and tear. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 you are challenged due to its immensely thin profile and minimalistic good looks to find a case that will be more than suitable. Luckily, Case-Mate has produced a solution that will provide satisfaction in both realms. This SGS2 case allows you to retain the sleek profile of the SGS2 without compromising protection. Let’s discover why Case-Mate has created the best protective casing that still manages to retain the shape and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S2.ツ

Buy: This Barely There brushed aluminum case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available at in the US or in the UK and Europe.

The Case-Mate Barely There brushed aluminum case is made out of one piece of glossy smoke grey plastic which is flexible and smooth to the touch. The case has openings for all the appropriate buttons and features that would provide access to the SGS2’s physical buttons and features (power button, camera, speaker grill, volume rocker, lanyard hole). On the back side there is a brushed aluminum panel which adds an aesthetic flair to the case and proudly displays the Case-Mate logo on the bottom.

Putting the case on the SGS2 is a simple task which requires the user to simply push the mobile device into the casing. The side will expand allowing the SGS2 to slip in. Once inside the phone fits snuggly into the case providing a great fit with no room for movement or wiggle. Although the case does add some thickness to the phones profile it still feels thin and light. The camera area receives a much-needed protective border along with the edges of the screen thanks to the cases protruding bezel.

While I am not a frequent case user myself I find this case to be exceptionally well made while retaining the overall feel of the SGS2. It doesn’t add noticeable bulk and it feels comfortable in my pocket and hand. The smooth gloss plastic allows the device to slip in and out of my pockets quickly and doesn’t detract from the overall experience of the phone. The thickness of the case does create a larger gap for the power and volume rocker buttons which makes it a bit more difficult to access, but nothing that isn’t remedied by getting used to. A small price to pay considering the added protection. Another issue, which could be coincidental, is an issue with lower / unstable reception. While I could be wrong, I did experience a couple of issues with signal strength and reliability while using the case. Mainly I would encounter issues where I would lose signal all together, which prior to applying the case, has never happened. I will continue to test this further and issue an update once I have found something conclusive.

Overall, Case-Mate has successfully created a case that protects and retains as much as possible the sleek design of the Samsung Galaxy S2. The materials are smooth and the aluminum backing adds enough cosmetic flair to keep the design looking attractive. Although I rarely if ever use a case on my devices I think that this one is perfect in terms of size, protections and design.

Buy: This Barely There brushed aluminum case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available at in the US or in the UK and Europe. You can find more i9100 cases at MobileFun.

  • Nazr

    Signal??Including wifi?? Does that also mean it will also lost signal coverage 4 call?

  • Edmond J Dantes

    Its really weird I experienced some signal loss using GSM signals. For the first time ever I lost signal completely and it took a while to regain the signal back. Ive never had this issue prior to installing the case.テつ

  • Edmond J Dantes

    The strange thing is that the antennas should be housed in the bottom part of the phone which is not covered by aluminum backing of the case.テつ

  • Sonny Li

    HeyテつTimi, any new updates on the signal situation? I love theテつaestheticsテつof this case, but the only thing holding me back is the signal issue!

  • Mike Macias

    Timi isn’t using the case anymore. The fact thatテつ@twitter-160114189:disqusテつmentioned the antenna is on the bottom of the phone where the case doesn’t cover leads me to believe there might have been another factor in play here.