Nokia N8 Camera Tip: Pinch fingers to quickly change photo resolution, Aspect ratio

N8 camera tips

Months back I posted this camera tip on our Mobile Fanatics Youtube channel and people seemed to like it based on tweets and video comments. Now I’m showing all of you this handy feature! See the video below…

Pinching your fingers inwards or outwards on your screen will change the resolution from 12 megapixel to 9 megapixel without any delay. This also changes the format from 4:3 (12MP) to 16:9 (9MP). If you follow my Flickr stream you might notice I like taking a lot of 16:9 shots. The difference in quality is not noticeable on a computer screen. You might notice a difference if you try to print.

Here is a 12MP vs. 9MP sample taken with my Nokia N8…

N8 12MP camara sample (4:3)

N8 9MP camera sample (16:9)

As you can see the 12MP photo gets more of the scene. But sometimes you don’t want all of it. To me the picture on the right (9MP) is more interesting, flowing better with the stairway. The quality of the image is not noticeable unless you view the full size, and even then it’s hard to notice. Of course there are times when I’d rather use the 12MP 4:3 format and thanks to this tip you can quickly switch the setting without missing the shot.

Nokia N8 camera

16:9 or 4:3. Which do you prefer?

This works on all Symbian Anna and Belle devices including the Nokia E7, C7, Astound, and X7. The Nokia E7 changes from 8MP to 6MP.

One more tip: This works in video mode too!

Please share your best N8 tips below!

  • Aaron

    One thing that i think only few people knows is that on file manager, when you half press the camera button, a search bar appears. You should be inside a folder to do this.

  • Mike Macias

    I have never heard of this tip for the #N8. Are you for reals? I gotta check that out.

  • Anonymous

    Having used this feature since I got the phone I have to say that I think it is in the manual. I’m sure I read it in the book rather than online…

  • Mike Macias

    I think you’re one of the 5% that read the manuals! 

  • gil

    Great tip that i did not know about. Thanks Mike.

  • Cristian

    Thank you man. This is interesting.

  • Paramasivan

    I’m always getting red eye when i shoot at night even with red-eye reduction setting for the flash. What shall i do?