First time: Super Bowl to be streamed live on Verizon phones and

There’s a first for everything. The NFL has announced today that the Superbowl, Probowl, and NBC’s wild-card playoff games will be streamed live on Verizon phones via the NFL Mobile app. Besides phones, you’ll also be able to watch the games live on and

According to NBC:

“The Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and NBC’s wild-card playoff games will be streamed online and on mobile phones for the first time, the NFL announced Tuesday.

The games will be streamed online at and through SNF Extra, which features an HD broadcast, DVR-style controls, additional camera angles, in-game highlights, live statistics and interactive elements.”

Hans Schroeder, NFL senior vice president of media strategy and development, had this to say:

“We are pleased to work with our partners NBC and Verizon to bring our fans more ways to watch their favorite sport during their favorite time of the year.”

This is huge for Verizon who is seeing amazing sales right now with the iPhone 4S, DROID RAZR, and the recently introduced Galaxy Nexus.

Now we must ask each other:

How many people will actually watch the game from a computer or mobile phone?

I don’t expect huge amounts, besides the ones who load it up just to see how good it works (like me). I guess if you can’t get away from your job you can have a Superbowl party in your work area when the boss steps out, or he’ll join you.

The Superbowl will be on February 5th in Indianapolis and is expected to exceed 111 million viewers.

Source: NBC via The Verge