Symbian Belle seen running on the Nokia E7

Update: Belle for Nokia E7, N8, C7, E6, now official. Click here to learn more.

Symbian Belle on Nokia E7

We’ve seen Symbian Belle leaks for the Nokia N8, but nothing for the Nokia E7… until now. A video demo and update instructions have been posted on the web showcasing a leaked version of Nokia’s latest firmware for Symbian devices. I’ve been rather interested in seeing Belle run on the E7 as I think it would be a great user experience. Sadly this video doesn’t show much if the UX, but it’s proof that things are running.

Have a look at the video:

Too bad there isn’t more interaction with the keyboard and landscape view shown in the video. I’m sure we’ll get more demos as more people install this firmware.

Speaking of installing…

We do not recommend installing unofficial versions of software. But if you are too impatient (like me) and cannot wait, take a look at this video to show you the process.

Warning: Update at your own risk! We cannot provide support if you run into problems.

This video has the instructions on how to update your E7 to this leaked version of Belle.

Yash from ZOMGITSCJ has a link where you can get started. Click here and good luck.

When will official version of Symbian Belle arrive for the Nokia E7?

There hasn’t been official word from Nokia, but we expect it next month.

  • Anonymous

    I updated yesterday and it was somewhat problematic ! The leaked SW works well and I’m glad I got it, but would recommend people wait for the official release, the QWERTY keyboard symbols are all messed up and certain apps such as Skype are incompatible . However the UI is great, quick and there seems to be more space left on C after setting up the phone, also backup as all info on C is wiped !! Nice piece Mike :)

  • Mike Macias

    Wow thanks for the update on E7 Belle leaked firmware. Glad to hear you got it running. I agree it’s best to wait unless you are ok with the caveats that you mentioned. How awesome is the pull-down menu? I loved it when I had Belle running on my N8.

  • Anonymous

    The whole thing is awsome to me, like having a new handset, and it’s also really fast, the official release will put symbian on par with Android imo 😉

  • @janole

    That’s exactly how I feel. Belle gives you a completely new phone …

  • Mike Macias

    Hey Jan. Thanks for dropping by. This is exactly why I feel good about hanging onto the N8 as my main device. Once Belle drops officially, I’ll be 100% happy with it again.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if you have compared the photos on your N8 before and after the Belle beta upgrade, but I think that pictures taken with Anna and the camera update app is better than those taken with Belle. My wife had the Anna official FW, and I upgraded like a rebel. So another reason I would wait at the end.

  • Nitin Ulé

    As it is in Belle you dont get Skype, Sygic and many other apps. I think official release will be better. I was at Nokia care yesterday and friend of mine working there was having Belle on his E7. he said they have got it for testing purpose but it will be released in max two weeks. Lets wait for better.

  • gilbert

    okay when i bought my e7 a week ago it had belle already installed on it, i thought it came this way, but when i compared it with my friends’ devices i felt pride :p it’s like i have something they cant have and dont have (at least for now), i can tell you, belle is wayyyy better than anna, its more beautiful, modernized and much much faster.
    but really, i have no idea how i have belle and not anna,,,  good luck guys.

  • Mike Macias

    Well that is good to hear! I didn’t even realize Belle is shipping on the E7 right now. If you have a decent camera can you take some pictures of Belle running with the keyboard and email them to me? Send to Thanks buddy!

  • gilbert

    yeah sure i can :D 

  • gilbert

     and btw the pictures won’t be so decent, but anyway i’ll send you a video with them…..what do you have???

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  • Anton Panteleev

    Hey m8, can you forward this stuff to me plz?
    TrueYakuza@ya:disqus .ru