Finally: Belle firmware officially released for Nokia N8, E7, E6, recent Symbian phones

Nokia Belle Official Update

All I can say is… it has taken long enough. Just as I mentioned last week, Nokia Belle for is finally ready for Symbian devices released in the past few years, including the Nokia N8, E7, E6, X7, C6-01, and C7. Nokia 500 users will get the Bell update in the coming weeks.

The Nokia N8 price has recently dropped to $335 on, so this update couldn’t come at a better time.

I got a chance to try Nokia Belle firmware a few times and while it’s impressive, it might be too late for many Symbian fans. By this time many have moved on to Android or Windows Phone, not wanting to go through this eternal wait Nokia put their customers through. I expected Belle to be quietly released last year at Nokia World, and here we are 4 months later.

For those who waited, congrats. Nokia Belle is a huge upgrade over Anna. Have a look at this video promoting the new software for Symbian phones…

Nokia says,

Nokia Belle delivers more personalisation options than before. You can have up to six home screens that are easy to personalize, leaving all your favourite applications and services only a few taps away. New larger live widgets display what’s really important to you right onto the homescreen, so you’ll always be kept up-to-date. Want to place a shortcut from one screen onto another? That’s simple. A long press and a drag to the side of the screen moves it to that screen.

The new and improved Nokia Belle interface also includes new features like imaging applications with HD video recording at 30 frames per second and a visually improved browser enabling high-quality browsing and viewing of Web videos. The menus have been simplified and a notifications bar has been added to make accessing key settings or features, very fast. Plus, with Belle you can also boost your productivity on the go with a wider selection of powerful Microsoft® Apps, such as Lync and OneNote that will soon be available for free download on top of Nokia Belle. Stay tuned – more details to follow shortly!

I’ve yet to update my N8 because I don’t have a SIM card for it. Let us know how your update goes or if you need help!

  • Araib hussain

    when the full version for e7 will be provided…?

  • Araibhussain

    i updated my e7 but it is not playing flv format videos and also the software is under creation… i want to know when it will complete

  • Bringbackanna

    Underwealming is my considered view after 3 days. The comments on AAS to the two Belle articles highlight the many reasons for that view. And that is ignoring any problems you may have when updating the phone. Superficially it looks good. And there are improvements, no doubt about it.

    But once you use it, you still see it is work in progress and with diminished functionality in a number of areas. Take widgets for example – these are poor, in size, options, functionality, variety etc. E-mail being case in point. No notifications, no small widget, poor colours etc. Battery saving mode, no notification widget. Anna widgets gone awol. Things dont work & things that didnt need changing have been, for the worse.

    There are lots of other reasons and I wont repeat those from AAS. Someone wrote on there that if they had the chance to return to Anna they would – and I agree. Look forward to your thoughts.


  • Buddhi217

    In Sri Lanka nokia e7 still can not run symbian belle.give us the chance to enjoy symbian belle as soon as posible

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  • Gene_nyc

    After reading about Belle for the E6, I’m glad I ditched it for the E7 instead. The E6 might have looked better than the E7 on paper, but that tiny screen pretty much ruined the UX, which is an accomplishment considering how poor the UX for Symbian in general is anyways. I actually like the E7 – if it had the N8’s camera, it would’ve been a winner.