Photos: Up close with the PlayStation Vita

Last week I got my hands on the newest mobile gaming console from Sony – the PlayStation Vita. This revolutionary system is one of the best gaming experiences out right now, allowing you to take amazing graphics with you out of the house. The hardware on the PlayStation Vita is something to behold. Holding it in my hands feels like I’m holding a real gaming controller, and the bright OLED screen makes the display very crisp and sharp, allowing the amazing graphics to shine through. Enjoy the photos…

Here you can see Uncharted on the PlayStationVita. The 5-inch OLED screen looks great with the bright colors and detail.

I tested out the PS Vita screen at weird angles and it still looked OK, even with direct sunlight. You probably won’t be playing a game at a weird angle anyway, but it’s just good to know.


Above you get a closeup of the left and right sides of the PS Vita controls. As mentioned in the first paragraph, this is the first device that feels like I’m holding a full-size controller in my hands. The buttons have great feedback and the d-pad is usable. I was surprised at how strong and durable the joysticks feel, and they don’t stick out too much.

The backside of the PlayStation Vita is smooth and glossy. It’s touch sensitive as well, allowing a new dimension for gamers to interact in games and apps that take advantage of this technology.

Have a look at the rest of the photos in our PlayStation Vita hands-on gallery…

I don’t own this device so I’m not sure if I’ll get a full review up. My brother Nick (@Nickgm89 on Twitter) is a fan of the Vita so ask him any questions!

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