How to turn off/on camera location data in photos on the Nokia 808 PureView

Camera location info setting on 808 PureView

When I powered up the Nokia 808 PureView for the very first time I was asked a few basic questions regarding setup. One of the questions was about location and the camera app. I gave permission for all the photos to be geotagged, meaning location that the photo was taken would be saved with the file. Me being excited to fire up the camera just blasted through all these prompts and didn’t pay attention to some of them! Duh…

Since I couldn’t figure out how to turn geotagging off in the PureView 808 camera app, I asked my followers on Twitter. Sure enough my buddy @Stephenquin58 came to the rescue.

That’s right. Simply go to Settings > Privacy > and select Save location info in Camera

That solves that! Personally I would have put this in the camera settings as well, but the face of Nokia’s camera technology thinks not!

I normally don’t keep camera location info on be default, but this time around I mindlessly allowed it. A few days later, while uploading photos to Flickr, I noticed that my house was showing up on a public map – which is where some of those photos were taken.

turn off camera location Nokia 808 PureView

Not too smart to show the entire world exactly where you live.

I’d love to here more tips and tricks for the Nokia 808 PureView. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!