PureView Photo of the Day: Tree and Roots

This is just the second “PureView Photo of the Day” from our new series and we have a not-so-interesting photo that contains a surprising amount of detail when you look closely.

Featured today is the bottom of a beautiful tree on Main street Seal Beach. The Nokia 808 PureView did a great job of capturing the color and detail, and I’m shocked at how realistic it looks even with a close crop.


To make things interesting, first take a look at the photo cropped pretty close.

Clicking the image will take you to Flickr where you can see photos at full size!

Tree and roots - Cropped

Looks pretty good, right? The colors came out very realistic and if you look closely at the above image I could have cropped even more to see detail on the stones or leaves.

Now take a look at the original photo below.

Deep Roots - PureView 808 Camera Sample

Unlike yesterday’s PureView Photo of the Day shot at 38 megapixels, today’s was shot at 8 megapixels. And it still looks great!

PureView Camera Samples

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back tomorrow for another Nokia 808 PureView camera sample. Follow me on Twitter to see photos posted throughout the day!

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If your’e interested in buying the Nokia 808 PureView it’s now available at Amazon.com with a US warranty.