PureView Photo of the Day: Flowers, wires, and clouds at sunset

This is the third post from my “PureView Photo of the Day” feature that I started earlier this week here at Mobile Fanatics. So far I’ve showed you two photos taken by the Nokia 808 PureView, both in good natural lighting conditions. Today I have a low-light shot in the evening sun, just before it goes completely below the horizon. It was a cloudy evening which made the sky look amazing.

A PureView sunset - Low Light

This photo was taken in auto-mode with the full 38 megapixels.
Clicking on the image will take you to Flickr where you can see the full size image. 

I was amazed at how realistic the colors came out. With other cameraphones the photo will come out with a orange tint in the sky, and while it looks epic, it’s not how the sky really looked at the time.

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