Photo Gallery: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Nokia 808 PureView hardware

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Noka 808 vs Lumia 920

Here’s another comparison photo gallery to make your mouth drool. Over the weekend we posted a white Nokia Lumia 920 photo gallery and this time we have the black. Today’s photo gallery is especially for Nokia 808 PureView users who are thinking about switching to the Nokia Lumia 920. We’ll be focusing on the hardware of the two devices, saving the camera shootout for another day.

There are some major differences in hardware — most noticeably the width and thickness of these flagship camera kings. The camera hump on the Nokia 808 adds a big increase in size, but as I’ve always told my followers on Twitter — it doesn’t bother me. We’ll also compare the display turned on with both devices side by side.

Have a look at the gallery and let me know your thoughts in the comments section…

Photos: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Nokia 808 PureView hardware

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  • Steve Schmidt

    Nokia Lumia 920 is great device with great OS. I would love to see Pureview 41MP camera in Lumia series phones like in next lumia phone. If Nokia is able to launch such phone with good price point than I am sure it is going to grab little bit new market of other OS’s.