My Nokia Lumia 920 damaged from a short fall, will survive

How many times have you heard that the Nokia Lumia 920 has great build quality and can easily survive a fall? Both statements are true, but the latter can’t be done without sustaining a decent amount of cosmetic damage.

It looks like a small dog chewed up the side of my phone. This happened after a short fall to the concrete from my hands while texting. Even the matte finish black 920 is slippery and easy to drop. I recorded some footage of the damage so you can see how bad it can be.

Have a look at the video:

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a gorgeous device and it eats me up to put a cover on this thing, but as you can see an easy fall can really do some damage.

I recently reviewed the JKase soft cover for the Nokia Lumia 920, which would have easily saved it from this misery. You can pick one up at Amazon for about $7 bucks and at least use it when you’re gonna be on the go or in harsh outdoor conditions. I’m still waiting for Nokia to release an official soft cover like they did with the Nokia Lumia 900 and other phones with this design.

This is my advice to you:

If you’re clumsy or work outside — cover up!


    that’s why I always have a screen protector & a thin case

  • Mike Macias

    Do you know of any plans for Nokia to come out with the official soft cover?

  • Jamie Haggett

    I’m still a strong believer in not buying a premium handset just to cover it up with a cheap plastic case.. So far this makes me be ultra careful with my devices and (knock on wood) haven’t broke the glass or caused any major dents..

    GO NAKED! :)

  • Mike Macias

    Ahhhhhh I have such a hard time because I’m like you and hate covering up a premium device. I don’t use the case all the time but sometimes I have to. I recently cracked my Lumia 900 screen after dropping it so I’ve been super paranoid lately. And then this happens. Ugghhhh

  • Al Pavangkanan

    Bummer. My 808 is all nicked up as well.

  • Mario

    the s3 would have tore apart after that. thnakfully, you had a Lumia! =)

  • Mike Macias

    The damage could have been much worse. What phone are you using Mario?

  • C38S

    Treat it as a sign that you use the phone and that the phone is useful. An unused object will look pristine all it’s life. All the important parts – screen, buttons, etc. are still perfect so it’s still just as good at doing it’s job.
    But I guess in your industry, you won’t keep the phone for a long time and you will re-sell it! So keeping it in new condition matters to you.
    What I’m saying is that I don’t like to baby my phone and have it partially rule my time through constant care, protection, etc. And I don’t like the bulk of a case because that too makes it harder to use and carry around and less useful as a tool.

  • Mike Macias

    I have always been on the same page as you. As I mentioned in the article, I despise cases and think the phone should be used as it was sold, without the case. Especially Nokia!

    But I do work outdoors in a harsh environment with physical labor and truth is I should be keeping my phone more protected. I now use a case at work and remove it at the end of my shift just to save it from a fall.Thanks for your insight on the subject!

  • Tim Mason

    You are blessed that it didn’t fall on the glass, because none of these cellphones would have survived without cracking, or shattering. Personally, I have always bought covers, and cases for my cellphones, and my family members other 3 brands. I admit that all these new phones look nice, and I take my Lumia 900 out to adore the great feel and beauty of it, when I am at home, or at the job sitting at a table, or desk. That way it will always stay beautiful. So, I consider it unwise not to protect your investment, immediately! So, the resale value, when the next new high end Lumia comes out, will be a little lower. To think about it, you can replace the glass, but not the unibody frame. Let that be a lesson to all to protect your investment, first. Bragg about, enjoy, and show off what you have in a safe environment, then back in the cover and case it goes!