Exceeding expectations, Nokia sells 4.4 million Lumia phones in Quarter 4

920 white nokia

Nokia’s stock price is up 17% today (9:54am PST) amid news that they sold 4.4 million Lumia phones in the fourth quarter of 2012. This number beat their own expectations and might be the turning point for the Finnish phone manufacturer after years of declining smartphone sales.

According to their press release published today:

Nokia currently estimates that Devices & Services net sales in the fourth quarter 2012 were approximately EUR 3.9 billion, with total device volumes of 86.3 million units.
– Mobile Phones net sales of approximately EUR 2.5 billion, with total volumes of 79.6 million units of which 9.3 million units were Asha full touch smartphones.
– Smart Devices net sales of approximately EUR 1.2 billion, with total volumes of 6.6 million units of which 4.4 million units were Nokia Lumia smartphones.
– Total smartphone volumes of 15.9 million units composed of 9.3 million Asha full touch smartphones, 4.4 million Lumia smartphones and 2.2 million Symbian smartphones.
– Devices & Services Other net sales of approximately EUR 0.2 billion, including a positive impact from non-recurring IPR income of approximately EUR 50 million.

Symbian has taken a back seat to Windows Phone sales which was absolutely expected since Nokia hasn’t released a Symbian phone since the 808 PureView. In the battle over mobile OS market share Android still leads the way, but I’m really anticipating some numbers from Quarter 4. If Windows Phone increased just a few percentage points that is still pretty good considering how competitive the market is right now.

We’re not sure about which devices sold the best, but I suspect the Nokia Lumia 920 had a lot to do with it.

Now the key is maintaining this success into the new year. I suspect things will keep going forward for Nokia as Windows Phone becomes more popular.