Wireless mobile charging means my Nokia Lumia 920 is rarely plugged in

nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate (9)

It seems every year a new technology is pushed to the forefront of the mobile market and sets the standard for the future. Whether it’s dual-core processors, HD displays with more pixels than our eye can see, or 4G data speeds that load a website in the blink of an eye — we’re always blown away and demand the latest phones are up to par with the previous generation.

In 2012, Nokia implemented wireless mobile charging capabilities into each of their higher-end phones. The top dog Nokia Lumia 920 has the capability built right into the phone. The Nokia Lumia 820, 822, and 810, all have the wireless charging capability if you use a special cover that you can slap onto the back of the phone. They not only add colorful style and protection, but also function. HTC included wireless charging capabilities into the Windows Phone 8X for the Verizon variant. This technology has been around for a long time but now it’s finally making its way to the mainstream.

With the purchase of my Nokia Lumia 920 I also got a wireless charging plate for free — the Nokia DT-900 to be exact. I first thought this additional option for powering up would be gimmicky and rarely used. Boy was I wrong.

Wireless Charging is not a gimmick

Fact is you’re not going to get your phone charged up with wireless charging as fast as you would with a wired charger plugged into the wall. But if you strategically place your wireless charging pad in a place you often set your phone down amazing things will happen.

Nokia DT-900 Wireless Pad

When I get home from work or finish running errands I typically set my phone down on the bookshelf near our front door, along with my keys and wallet. I decided this would be a good place to put the wireless charging pad since my phone is resting here most of the time. Even if I have a battery that is half-full or more I still set it down right here and bring it back up to a full charge. Normally I wouldn’t bother charging the phone at all if it’s half-full because my charging cable is plugged into the wall in my bedroom. My wife and I are not fans of having cords everywhere.

Call me nit-picky and lazy, but constantly plugging my phone into a charger during the day is not fun. If I get a text or call I usually have to unplug the phone so I can handle it better. Or I can leave it plugged in but I’m restricted to that area. Simply lifting the phone off the charging pad to send a quick text then placing it back down beats the hell out of fumbling with a charging cable.

For Christmas my brother got me another Nokia wireless charging pad — so now I have two. I decided to place the second one in the bedroom on the nightstand. So now I charge my phone at night here too and it’s almost completely eliminated the need for a wired charger.


Don’t get me wrong — I still use a wired charger when I need a fast charge and I’m low on battery. The speed of the wireless charging pad is too slow if you have somewhere to go and limited time. Bringing back the phone from a very low charge takes the charging pad about 3-4 hours so don’t expect the world of this thing.

There are a few other products that I’d like to check out besides the DT-900. Nokia also sells the DT-910 charging stand, pictured at the right. You can pick up the Nokia DT-901 Fatboy Pillow at Amazon for about $79 bucks. I expect more items to hit the market as this technology becomes more popular.

This is another case of added convenience to my life, which is what my smartphone is supposed to do. All of my photos and video automatically upload to SkyDrive (thus, my computer) when I’m connected to WiFi. My music library is syncing nicely with Xbox Music. Windows Phone 8 supports over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. And now we have wireless charging going mainstream.  Bye Bye cables!

Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate Photos

Do you have a phone that allows wireless charging? Let me know your thoughts on this technology in the comments below. Be sure to check out my battery saving tips for the Nokia Lumia 920 if you own this device!

Shop for this and more wireless charging plates at Amazon.com.

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    I’ve got one of those arriving from Phones4U coming later this month.

    Can’t wait to try it :)

  • http://www.themobilefanatics.com Mike Macias

    Cool! Which one the plate that I have or the stand? I’m hoping to get my hands on the stand sometime soon 😉

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    I was fishing for the JBL Speaker! But they just had the plate… WHICH SHOULD STILL BE AWESOME.

  • http://www.themobilefanatics.com Mike Macias

    Oh a JBL would be splendid! I’ve seen a few iphone guys saying this technology is a gimmick… just wait til they try it 😉

  • http://UnleashThePhones.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Ah man I want that JBL PowerUp so bad <3

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