Review: Case-Mate Barely There for the Nokia Lumia 920

Today we have another Nokia Lumia 920 case review to rekindle debate about whether or not this phone needs protection. But we’ve been through that already, and I’ve come to terms with one simple fact: The Nokia Lumia 920 is too slippery and a thin hard cover — like this one — is exactly what this phone needs.

case-mate barely there lumia 920 (2)

The “Barely There” line of covers by Case-Mate is quite popular with the iPhone community. My wife has been using one on her iPhone for a few years and after many drops, the phone is still kicking with no cracks. When I found out that the company released a cover for the Nokia Lumia 920, I was eager to try it out. The folks over at Mobile Fun have this Lumia 920 case in stock and sent it to us so I can review it for you guys!

Similar to the hard cover case by Terrapin that I reviewed last month (which I like better, and it’s cheaper), this case is a thin, rubberized shell that covers the back and sides of the Nokia Lumia 920, offering minimal protection that won’t add much bulk to your phone.

Check out the video review of this Lumia 920 case by Case-Mate below and keep scrolling for photos and my comments.

Hands-On Video

As you can see, the case does its best to form around the phone so that design isn’t lost. Some bulk is added, but if you really need protection then it will be worth it.


It’s always difficult to describe the way a case feels in-hand, so hopefully these photos help you get “the picture”…

On the right side you have openings for volume, lock, and camera buttons. This case can do a better job of sloping with the phone and allow the buttons to be easier pressed. In this area the case feels to thick and the buttons are recessed more than I like. Regardless, it’s still usable and offers protection from a fall so that the buttons don’t get harmed.

The left side of this case offers full protection for the phone and nicely stays out of the way of the curved-glass screen. Some may think it should be protected more, but I’m glad they didn’t try to wrap it anymore. As you can see the side is nicely protected along with the corners at the top and bottom. The Case-Mate logo is engraved at the bottom just enough to give a bit of extra grip while not distracting from the simplicity of the design.

case-mate barely there lumia 920 (16) case-mate barely there lumia 920 (15)

The top and bottom of the Barely There does not protect the Lumia 920. I’m fine with this since it stays out of the way of the speakers and ports.

case-mate barely there lumia 920 (18) case-mate barely there lumia 920 (12)

The back of this case has an opening for the camera/flash, but unfortunately does not cut round the Carl Zeiss label.

A few more photos to finish off the review…

Overall this case does the job and has withstood a couple of short falls without showing any blemishes. But when I pit the Terrapin case I mentioned earlier against the Barely There in this review, the Terrapin case for the Lumia 920 wins. It’s a bit thinner and the button area is more flush with the phone.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for sending this product out for review!

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  • CRAY

    Aside from the Camera cut-out that is a spitting image of the Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Shell.