Review: Nokia CC-1043 (grey) official cover for Nokia Lumia 920

nokia cc 1043 review lumia 920 (21)

The Nokia CC-1043 is the fifth Lumia 920 case/cover that I’ve tried out, and probably my last. I told you about the Amazon deal on the CC-1043 last week ($10-12 is cheap), and that price still exists. Before you jump on the deal, take a look at the review below along with photos and video with my commentary.

Besides protection, this cover offers you the chance to change the color of your Nokia Lumia 920. I have the black 920 and the CC-1043 gives me the chance to change it up without adding much bulk. You might have noticed the “Mike’s Arsenal” area in the sidebar of this page and this cover is the one I use.

We’ll kick things off with the video…

Video Review: Nokia CC-1043 (Grey)

Thanks for watching, but there’s more. I have some photos to show you of the CC-1043 up-close from all angles. Take a look…

Photos: Nokia CC-1043

I have the black Nokia Lumia 920 and the grey CC-1043. This color scheme might seem to bland, but it goes together well and looks great in person.

The back of the cover is smooth and rounded, forming perfectly to the 920. It cuts out around the camera lens and Carl Zeiss logo to keep the design as close as possible to the phone. The flash is not impeded by the cover and I haven’t noticed a difference in my photos when flash is fired.

The¬†indention¬†for the buttons are also nice, but I do wish there was some sort of physical division between the lock and volume buttons. With this cover the buttons do not stick out at all so it’s hard to feel the difference between those two sets. It took me a few weeks to get used to it, and still I occasionally hit the down volume button when trying to find the lock. The camera button is not an issue since it’s on its own down at the bottom.¬†You’ll might notice the seam where this cover was fused together is visible on the on the button side. I’m guessing this helped with the constructed of it, but I would prefer it to be on the left side where there are not buttons.

Another win for this case is the top and bottom where the inputs are located. The area is protected well and the speakers, microUSB port, and audio input are cut out perfectly. Other 920 covers that I reviewed ignore the top and bottom, leaving it vulnerable to drops and bumps.

Overall, the CC-1043 cover is the closest experience you’ll get to using a naked Nokia Lumia 920. The protection is not the main reason I bought this case. It’s the added grip that makes the biggest difference. In my opinion the 920 is too slick and slippery. I wish they would have put a thin rubberized layer on the back of the phone, but they didn’t so we have to deal with it. This is the best solution to a slippery 920.

Colors and Purchase

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, the CC-1043 does a great job of changing the color of your Lumia 920. It comes red, black grey, cyan, and yellow. See the links below…

cc-1043 red lumia 920 cover

Nokia CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 – Grey
Nokia CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 – Red
Nokia CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 – Yellow
Nokia CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 – Cyan
Nokia CC-1043 Cover for Lumia 920 – Black

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