Best Buy: Free iPhone 5 if you trade-in your iPhone 4/4S

iphone5In a bid to retain longtime iPhone users, Apple has partnered with Best Buy to offer customers a free iPhone 5 if they have an older iPhone model and are eligible for an upgrade.

USA Today first reported the news a few days ago and we’ve confirmed the promotion will run through June 29th. According to USA Today

Under the program, customers who trade in an older working model iPhone 4 or 4S can earn a credit of up to $150, which can be used to cover the purchase of a new 16 gigabyte iPhone 5, at the retailer’s current $149.99 price. The price factors in a $50 instant rebate that stays in effect until June 29.

Best Buy previously tried this promotion on June 1st and had wild success. That sale only went on for 1 day. Because of its popularity they decided to run this one for 9 days. Smart move!

This program is available in the stores only.

In this highly competitive market, Apple has to love promos like this. It keeps their customers around for at least another 2 years and it gets the newest phones in the hands of more people. Like wildfire, word of mouth about a new phone leads to even more sales! Android is dominating the market right now and Windows Phone is slowly creeping up.

Are you an iPhone user looking to upgrade your phone? Will this promo help keep you with Apple or are you considering other options?

Via: Apple Insider