Official Redbox app hits the Windows Phone store

redbox windows phone official

A few days ago we told you about official apps for Mint and Voxer coming to Windows Phone. Now we have Redbox arriving on the platform with a fully featured app that lets you find movies in Redbox kiosks nearby and reserve them. Better late than never.

If you’re not familiar with Redbox and you love movies then you’re missing out. Fact is Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu sometimes don’t have the film you’re looking for. Maybe you want a Blu-Ray disc to slip into your PS3. Whatever the case may be, Redbox is a physical alternative to streaming movies. I usually head down to my local Vons grocery store to buy a few groceries and on the way out stop at the Redbox kiosk. They have new releases and aren’t overpriced.

According to Redbox:

The official Redbox app takes your rental experience to a whole new level.

Find a box near wherever you’re at, then look inside to see what’s for rent. Find a movie or game you want? Click “Reserve” and check out, and we’ll save you a copy to pick up later that day.

Search by release date, genre and rating, and watch trailers.

I installed Redbox on my Nokia Lumia 920 last night and it is fast, clean, and informative.

Click here to install Redbox for Windows Phone.