NextGen Reader for Windows Phone gets a big update

NextGen Reader is my favorite Windows Phone app for syncing with Feedly (now that Google Reader is dead) and I cannot wait to try it on my Nokia Lumia 1020 later today! The app has just been updated to version 5.1 with some big changes, most of which are related to the user interface.

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Features have been added including font size, text alignment, and the new Slate theme, shown at the right. According to the developer, NextGen will preload your next/previous story so the wait times are cut down. Full page included!

Other updates include:

“Now you can set open method per feed (i.e. summary or full article) on WP8 just like Windows 8 version. We also fixed issues around it e.g. automatically load summary when application is unable to download full article or if there is no internet connection. These improvements will also be pushed to Windows 8 app in next update (and much more).

Nextgen Reader now remembers your list style for individual feeds or category (e.g. headline or headline + images). This is great, just like the Feedly app on iOS. Last, but not least we also fixed several other issues (e.g. displaying image captions correctly) and worked hard to make sure that the performance is absolutely great.”


  • New gorgeous “Slate theme” for comfortable reading.
  • New article view design (preload next/previous items for faster reading)
  • New font style and text alignment options (via appbar menu -> view settings).
  • New: Set open method per feed (e.g. summary or full article).
  • New: Remember list style per feed (e.g. headline or headline + images).
  • Fixed: Load summary when no internet connection or unable to get full article.
  • Fixed: Show image captions correctly.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Nice work! Grab the update or install the app at the Windows Phone Store.

Source: NextMatters