Windows Phone 7 users can sync with Feedly using Nextgen Reader, currently in beta

Users of the Nokia Lumia 900 and other Windows Phone 7 devices can now try Nextgen Reader and sync your RSS feeds with Feedly. This is the most popular alternative to Google Reader, which was shut down last week. My Nokia Lumia 920 has been doing this for almost a month now since this functionality with Nextgen Reader has already been turned on for WP8 phones.

Feedly sync on my Nokia Lumia phone.

Feedly sync on my Nokia Lumia phone.

With a basic contact form, the developer of NextGen Reader is taking sign ups for people who want to help test out the app before it leaves the beta stage. Click here to sign up.

I’m impressed with the speed and layout of this application. NextGen Reader is fast, fluid, and follows the UI guidelines of Windows Phone very closely. I find the UI of Feedly for iPhone and Android too flashy and the images too large. This is a nice alternative that lets you read the news you love quickly. Be sure to leave feedback with the developer so he can make the app better!

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Source: NextGen