Evernote gets big update for Windows Phone

More features have been added to the Evernote app for Windows Phone. This update includes multi-shot camera uploads to a single note, speech to text, improved image viewing in notes, auto-titles, and more.

evernote windows phone


– Windows Phone 8 support: Faster loading and navigation

– Multishot camera: Take multiple snapshots without exiting the camera

– Slideshow: Swipe through a slideshow of all images attached to a note

– Speech to text: Transcribe your words and save the audio to the note

– Auto-title: Smart note titles based on note content, calendar events and location

Windows Phone users have been quite spoiled when it comes to note-taking. We already have OneNote built in, and it’s quite a nice experience. I go back and forth between the two apps on my Nokia Lumia 1020 and for now have settled on OneNote. But these new updates have me tempted to give Evernote another try. Evernote was one of the major web tools that started development for the platform early on, and they have nothing but good things to say:

“We’re big fans of the Windows Phone platform. You’ll notice that in addition to all the great updates detailed above, the app is significantly faster and easier to navigate.”

Download Evernote for Windows Phone at this link.

To learn more details about this update visit the Evernote Blog.