Google Nexus 5 Covers and Screen Protectors that are available now

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With the launch of Google’s much anticipated Nexus 5 I thought I would put together a master list for accessories that are available. This is mainly a response to Google’s own official Nexus 5 accessories being listed as coming soon. While some of us are content with using are phone in the “nude” I am quite the opposite. For the past couple devices I have evolved from just using a screen protector to protecting with a full on case. Below is a list of manufacturers that have immediate availablity (at the time of writing) of a variety of accessories for the Nexus 5.


Probably one of the more well known accessory manufacturers, SGP has produced some of the best screen protectors that I have used. The past couple years SGP has branched out from screen protectors and ventured into case production. Unlike most brands SGP usually has a wide range of products of available for shipment prior to or on the day of release of a new device. SGP is ahead of the pack when it comes to offering Nexus 5 products with a total of 6 items.

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SGP has 3 different screen protectors for the Nexus 5. Two of which are tempered glass and the third being a standard no wet install film protector.

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SGP also offers three different cases varying in protection strength and slimness. Each case also comes in an assortment of colors.

SGP products can be purchased from Amazon, MobileFun, eBay, or from Spigen


Skinomi, known for their reasonably priced wet application screen and phone protectors offers 8 different applications ranging from clear to faux wood.

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Skinomi can be purchased Skinomi, and Amazon



Driztronic offers one TPU case that comes in black or purple. Measuring in a 1.4mm this case offers a front lip tht will protect the screen when the phone is laying face down. Driztronic cases can be purchaed from Driztronic and Amazon for $9.99 .


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Caseology brings a huge offering of colors and materials as it releases a faux leather and soft touch plastic cover for the Nexus 5. Each collection is available in 5 different colors.

Amazon $6-8 ($5 off promotion using FSNNHF55 , $4-5 with shipping included)

REarth Ringke

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REarth is offering two Ringke cases for the Nexus 5. The first is a standard soft touch slim case that claims to be thinner and lighter than its competitors. The case will add a depth of 2.1mm and weigh in at 16grams. The case will be available on November 6th and retail for $7.99 plus shipping (free for Amazon Prime members) Amazon : Black and White

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The second, the Ringke Fusion is a case bumper with clear plastic back. It offers maximum protection without compromising the style of the Nexus 5. Ringke making claims that is the thinnest bumper case available but without measurements. The case comes in two colors and is available for immediate shipment. Amazon : Black and Grey for $8.99 and $9.99 plus shipping (free for Amazon Prime members)

While this is only a small sample of what’s currently available, what I listed was products from reliable sources. This post will be updated weekly and your contribution will be welcome. If you’d like to see an accessory listed list in the comments, Twitter, or email.

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  • Storm Russel

    I like the look of the cases but they’re just a little too bulky for me…I’d much rather protect my screen and get a GEARMAXX screen protector which sells on ebay for cheap but they’re high quality and durable!

  • TimiTMF

    I totally agree. The problem was a lot of manufacturers weren’t ready with accessories. Gearmaxx looks good Id also recommend to try Fosmon. Cheap (4$ – 3 pack) and very clear, the fitment is usually very good. Unfortunately, Fosmon is lagging a bit with the Nexus 5 screen protector.