Surface 2 Problems: Keyboard not responding

I got the Surface 2 as an early Christmas gift from my lovely wife a few days ago and I’m finally able to get some hands-on time with it. I have the Type Cover 2 to go along with the tablet, and all was well in the first 24 hours. Everything was working fine and I quickly fell in love with the tablet/keyboard experience.


It was great when it worked…

Fast forward 3 days and I’m having a nightmare of a time. The keyboard has stopped responding despite being properly connected. I know the two devices are connected because the keys are lit up like a Christmas tree (the Type Cover 2 has backlit keys). I’ve installed all the updates, patches, etc. and it took hours to get everything up to date. I followed this guide by Microsoft and went through all the possible solutions — still nothing.

Normally I would just head back to the place I bought it, in my case Best Buy, and exchange it for a new one. But right now the Surface is out of stock everywhere. Not even Microsoft stores have any in stock. So I have a few days before more come in to try to troubleshoot this problem. As I type this I am chatting with Microsoft support, who is surprisingly good on a Saturday morning to see if I can get this resolved with software.

Besides the keyboard, this thing flies. The 2-position kickstand is so helpful and I’m happy with this tablet even without the keyboard. But for my usage, and the reason I paid a premium price for this product, is to have the keyboard + tablet experience. So I need to get these issues fixed asap.

I’ll keep you updated with my Type cover keyboard problems on my Surface 2.

Update 1/17/2014: Since I was within the 30 day window of purchase, I exchanged out both units and haven’t had any problems since.

  • James Schaeffer

    Hopefully it’s just a faulty keyboard. I can imagine the frustrations though!

  • Mike Macias

    Pretty frustrating. Both the keyboard and Surface need to be replaced, and the Surface 2 is sold out everywhere.

  • Prayaas

    Hey why does the Surface need to be replaced? Something wrong with the socket? :O
    And did it happen yet?
    Even one such story scares me, I’m a little paranoid. My sister is about to get a Surface 2 on my recommendation and I don’t want it to be troublesome like somehow my recommended things always are for her. -.- Her old Nokia 5800, her current VAIO, and her current Lumia 920. If this turns out to be faulty, she’ll lose trust in Microsoft and more importantly me forever and see me as just a fanboy. :(

  • Mike Macias

    Both the keyboard and tablet were replaced. They didn’t know the problem, so they just replaced both. I’ve yet to update this article but I’ve had the replacements for a month now and both are working great! I detach and attach the keyboard often with no issues so far. I think I just had a faulty unit. So far this is one of my best tech purchases ever.

  • sharon

    I just purchased a Type 2 cover for my new Surface RT. It was working fine until a few minutes later my tablet keeps timing out constantly. I removed the keyboard and now it seems to be working fine. Has anyone else experienced this and what should I do?