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CES 2014: Samsung Smartphone Gamepad Preview


With a sharp rise in mobile gaming it was only a matter of time before hardware accessories would hit the market to utilize the mobile gaming platform. While third-party manufacturers have been quick to respond, it’s rare to find a first-party that would commit to an emerging market. The Samsung Smartphone Gampad connects via Bluetooth with […]

CES 2014: SlimPort by Analogix

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.54.29 AM

As our portable media devices become more versatile it’s important that accessories follow suit and try to provide us with the best experience possible. SlimPort by Analogix is a company that provides output cables for supported devices. What makes SlimPort different? Utilizing the Mobility DisplayPort standard , this allows Analogix to create cables that utilize […]

Leef | An elegant storage solution


Over a decade has passed since the introduction of the first USB flash drive. Like most products the novelty has long run its course and the USB drive has become a cheap and uninspired storage media device. While some companies have tried to create exceptions to the mundane, it’s difficult to produce an exceptional niche […]

Leef Bridge 3.0 | A new way of connecting devices

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 10.41.11 AM

Looking for a new way to transfer information between your mobile devices and computers? Starting today, Leef is proud to announce that their Leef Bridge 3.0 will be available in select Radio Shack stores nationwide. The Leef Bridge 3.0 is the successor to the Bridge 2.0 with improved transfer speeds thanks to the upgrade to […]

Why I chose the Surface 2 over the Nokia Lumia 2520


This internal debate has been up in my head since the day the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows 8.1 (RT) tablet was announced. What device will suit me better? The Surface 2 or the Nokia Lumia 2520? Both run Windows 8.1 RT and both will set you back at least $500 dollars, depending on the keyboard […]

Social Media platform Path lands in Windows Phone store with public beta app

path windows phone app

While it’s not the final version, Path has just released a beta app for Windows Phone that will allow the general public partake in the testing. Path is a social media platform that is meant to be more private and limited in who your “friends” are and how many you have. I’ve yet to make […]

Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition starting at $179

moto g pure android

Every major handset released in the past several months has coincided with a Google Play edition. The Motorola G is no exception. Today, Google announced that it would be carrying both the 8GB and 16GB ($179 and $199) GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) versions of the Motorola G. The Motorola G Google Edition will have the same […]

CES2014: TYLT creates POWER-ful accessories


A massive show floor that is packed with some of the latest and greatest technology by industry titans and lesser known manufacturers that are all looking to catch the attention of attendees and potential clients. For some, this show is a “make or break” scenario when it comes to showcasing their products and solutions. While […]

CES 2014: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact | Sony’s Litte Monster


I remember a time when I used to think that a 4.3″ device was over kill. Now fast forward to 2014 and we’re slowly inching our way towards 6 and 7 inch devices with 5 inches becoming the standard. While the consumption of multimedia and increased capabilities of todays mobiles have no doubt lent a […]

CES 2014: Audi A3 | Audi and AT&T team up for worlds first LTE vehicle


The convergence of technology within vehicles was in full effect at CES this year. But there was a noticeable shift from third-party to first party providers of this technology. Over the course of a couple of years automakers have finally begun to realize that this is a viable and important solution piece to the auto […]

CES 2014: LG G Flex Hands On


Every year there seems to be a new trend that hits CES. A couple of years ago it was 3D TV’s and this year the focus is on curved displays. While it’s interesting to see this technology on larger displays such as TV’s, it is even more interesting to see it implemented on smaller devices […]