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Best Price: White Samsung Galaxy S II for Sprint drops below a dollar

Best deal Galaxy S2 White Sprint

$0.01 at Amazon Wireless $299 original price SHOP NOW Here’s a quick deal alert for those shopping for a new phone right now. Amazon Wireless has the white Galaxy S2 for Sprint priced at $0.01 with a new 2-year contract or eligible upgrade. This is a solid deal for the highly popular white version of the Samsung […]

Priced to sell: The Nokia Lumia 900 will debut on AT&T in March for $99.99, according to BGR

the nokia lumia 900 cyan

According to the tech blog Boy Genius Report, a leaked AT&T roadmap shows the Nokia Lumia 900 arriving on AT&T in March for $99.99 with a 2-year contract. The specs of the Lumia 900 place it in the high-end of the Windows Phone lineup, and the speed and performance is comparable to top Android phones, depending on who you […]

Report: Nokia Lumia 900 coming to the UK, not so exclusive to US

Nokia Lumia 900 coming to the UK

During the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago, Nokia unleashed the Lumia 900 for AT&T and touted its US exclusivity. We all knew the 900 would eventually ship around the world, but I didn’t expect the news to come this quickly. The folks over at WPCentral.com received a reader tip that Carphone Warehouse, a top phone retailer […]

Deal of the Day: Lexar High Speed MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 10 Memory Card for $39.99

Lexar 32GB microSDHC

Amazon always has a way to get my money. If your phone or tablet has a MicroSDHC slot and expandable memory capabilities then you can’t pass up this deal. Today Amazon.com has a class 10 (high speed) MicroSDHC 32 GB (high capacity) memory card on sale for $39.99. It’s their Gold Box ‘deal of the […]

Windows Phone update 8107 rolling out for Nokia Lumia 800 and 710; fixes disappearing keyboard bug

Nokia Lumia 800 colors

If you own a Nokia Lumia series smartphone, or any Windows Phone device, you might have noticed a case of the disappearing keyboard. Right now I’m using the Lumia 710 and I’ve seen it happen a few times. It’s not a major issue because it’s not a constant problem, but it can be annoying when […]

Deal: Activation fee ($36) waived on new Sprint lines

Galaxy S2 Sprint Deal

If you’ve been searching for a new phone and carrier now might be the time to look at Sprint. From now until January 23rd you can have the activation fee waived on new lines with a 2-year contract at Amazon Wireless. That will save you $36 bucks. Amazon is an authorized dealer of Sprint, AT&T, […]

Nokia Lumia 800: The Full Review

Nokia Lumia 800 review

The Nokia Lumia 800 will go down in history as one of the most important Nokia devices ever. The first product of the controversial Nokia – Microsoft partnership, the Lumia 800 unabashedly symbolizes the new Nokia, a maker of smartphones running Windows Phone 7. I considered the Nokia N9 the last real Nokia flagship smartphone; […]

Exclusive Video: Wifi Hotspot for the Nokia Lumia 900 confirmed by Product Manager

Lumia 900 Nokia Wifi Hotspot

The Lumia 900 is now available in the US. Find deals on the Nokia Lumia 900 at Amazon.com. We’ve been talking a lot about the Nokia Lumia 900 lately here at Mobile Fanatics. Last week we put the Lumia 900 head to head in photos against the Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy S2. The Lumia […]

Magical: Windows Phone “Me” application shows Twitter notifications again

Twitter Notifications Lumia 710

When I first got my hands on the Nokia Lumia 710 last week and got everything set up, Twitter notifications worked great. On the popular “me” tile, I got my latest Facebook and Twitter notifications without a hitch. Then all of a sudden, a few days later, the Twitter notifications stopped working. And now today […]

Android: Classic arcade game Missile Defender is free — today only


Missile Defender is one of those classics that I played at the arcade or on my first Windows computer. Today only, you can get it for free (normally $0.99) at the Amazon App Store. Features: Defend against massive missile attacks with precisely targeted interceptors Enjoy fine-tuned controls and clean, HD art work Keep upgrading your […]

Hands-on: Nokia Lumia 900 vs Lumia 800 photos, video, and specs

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. 800

Here’s another one of our side by side comparisons that you love so much. This time we have the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Lumia 800. The Lumia 900 was announced earlier this week at CES and will be coming exclusively to AT&T in March. Both of these devices are powered by Windows Phone and […]