Windows Phone 7 event scheduled for Tuesday with new Mango features to be discussed

 Windows Phone 7 event scheduled for Tuesday with new Mango features to be discussed photos

There still isn’t an official release date for Mango but you can be sure Microsoft is planning to make it a big deal. Mango is the codename for a major Windows Phone 7 update scheduled to be released later this year. Tomorrow morning Microsoft is holding a live press conference at 10am in NYC and we should get an in-depth look at new features Mango will bring. There are currently many crucial “smartphone” features missing from WP7 and Mango will address some of those issues and even bring more cool stuff to the table. Mobile Fanatics contributor David Gilson recently posted his thoughts on Windows Phone 7 and highlighted some of its lacking features over at his blog.. As Microsoft progresses in the “new” smartphone market they will hit bumps and snags along the way that I think will be fixed. And it all starts with Mango.

Let’s take a look at what will be discussed in tomorrow’s press conference…

WP7 Mango features

  • Cloud-based productivity.  Ability to save and share Office documents through Office 365 and Windows Live Skydrive.
  • Assign live tile on homescreen to a specific email folder. When tile is touched you will go to that email folder. Also called pinnable email folders.
  •  Windows Phone 7 event scheduled for Tuesday with new Mango features to be discussed photosView emails in conversation view like you would in Outlook on the PC.
  • Copy-protected emails (ie: do not forward) within your organization.
  • Search email server for emails that are no longer being stored on your phone.
  • Lync Mobile for Windows Phone 7 users to communicate with team members in your project. Includes status updates, contacts, IM, and email.
  • 3rd party multi-tasking.
  • Twitter in the People Hub.
  • IE9 Mobile is just about ready.
  • Custom ringtones support.
  • OTA podcast downloads.
  • More language support.
  • A huge handful of new APIs for developers to work with.

There are some big updates for IT as described below…

In addition to helping you stay productive, Mango also includes new capabilities for IT. With new features such as complex (alpha-numeric) password support, Information Rights Management support for protecting e-mails and Office documents, and support for access to hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks, your IT organization can stay on top of its game—providing you access to information you need while meeting corporate requirements.

Apparently there are 500 updates in total coming to WP7 Mango!

The folks over at have caught wind of Steve Ballmer talking at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 where he promised 500 new features coming to Windows Phone 7. I’m sure many of these updates will be small and part of the developer API but it is impressive nonetheless.

What phones will get Mango? All of them. This includes current devices powered by WP7.

The future is bright for Windows Phone 7 especially if they can bring a few more things to the table like bluetooth file transfers and USB mode when connected to a computer. Right now you must used Zune software to see anything on the phone from a computer and cannot use the standard file system to navigate folders.

Hopefully we will get a better time frame of when Mango will be released. If I had to put money on it I’d say Microsoft will wait until just after Nokia has a WP7 device on the shelves with all the features of Mango.

You can watch the live stream of the Windows Phone 7 press conference tomorrow at 10am eastern at this link.