Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint this summer

windowsphone  Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint this summer photos

The Consumer Electronics Show is going on this week in Las Vegas, and with it usually comes a handful of major announcements by phone carriers and manufactures. Yesterday’s press release by Sprint followed that trend.

Sprint has announced that they will be selling two Windows Phone 8 devices this  summer, which is a shift away from their typical Android-dominated lineup.

The new information doesn’t give details on specs or pricing, although we should expect one WP8 Sprint phone from Samsung and another from HTC. It’s my guess that the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV will be the devices released — or maybe I’m wrong and there will be something completely new announced at Mobile World Congress in a few months.

Quote from the press release:

“Sprint (NYSE:S) today joined with Microsoft to announce the upcoming availability of Windows Phone 8 smartphones on the Sprint nationwide network. Sprint will bring two initial handsets to customers by summer – one each from Samsung and HTC.”

windowsphone  Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint this summer photos

This is great news for the Windows Phone community who are begging to see more device sales, as we know that leads to more developer interest to create apps and games. I know quite a few Sprint customers who love the ‘truly unlimited’ freedom they have with their carrier, but still feel locked in because their only options are Android and the iPhone.

In the end, this is a win for the consumers.

I’m surprised that Nokia wasn’t mentioned in the press release since they are the company putting the most chips behind Windows Phone 8, but that can change over time and maybe we’ll see something special by the Nokia announced in the coming months for Sprint.

A yellow Nokia Lumia 920 would look great next to the yellow and black Sprint logo, would it not?